How Do I Order Your HCG Diet?

Order Your HCG Diet

Like many others who have visited the Nu Image Medical website, if you are considering the HCG diet to help you lose weight, you may be asking, "How do I order your HCG diet?" Nu Image Medical is one of the few companies that is completely telemedicine. Simply put, this means that you no longer have to physically go to a doctor's office, make an appointment, and pay tons of money to get real, prescription HCG. By being a telemedicine company, Nu Image Medical gives you access to physicians, nurses, and highly trained medical staff 24 hours a day-seven days a week via phone and/or video chat. Sadly, there are numerous online and even in-store HCG product scams in circulation. Real HCG is required to complete the HCG diet effectively and safely. Nu Image Medical is one of the very few online companies that provides prescription HCG. NOTE: Make sure you know what you are purchasing and who you are purchasing from. If the HCG is not a prescription product and from a licensed physician, or if it is labeled "hormone-free" or "homeopathic," it is not real HCG and can be very dangerous and harmful to the body.

After ordering through Nu Image Medical and becoming a patient, your prescription HCG as well as all supplies needed to do the diet i.e. syringes, etc. will be mailed to you and delivered right to your door or desired location. You will also be provided with a downloadable link, for your electronic devices, which provides access to the complete HCG diet guide, delicious recipe ideas, as well as access to social media support and group forums so you can meet other HCG dieters just like you! Should you have questions, simply call or email the medical staff support line at 888-520-3438 or to get help right away at no extra cost to you. Ready to get started? Listed below are a few simple steps to help you order HCG from Nu Image Medical and get started right away!

1. Click on the Order HCG link here or one of the other HCG order links located throughout  the website.

Order HCG Here

2. Click on the desired program length: 26 or 46 day (The 26 day option is recommended for a loss of 15lbs. or less. If you are looking to lose more, the 46 day round is typically the best option).

3. Choose your preferred HCG delivery method. HCG is available in injections, drops, and pellets. (All supplies are included). HCG injections and drops require refrigeration, so for those patients who travel frequently or have little access to refrigeration, the HCG pellets is the preferred method. All forms of HCG, whether drops, injections, or pellets are effective for weight loss if taken correctly, as they are all prescription and pure HCG.

4. Select supplements, Ultraburn, or protein shakes if desired from the bottom of the order page. NOTE: These products are not required for weight loss or to complete the program successfully. They are, however, very beneficial to help keep vitamin levels high during the diet, maintain weight after the program, and for convenience.

5. Fill out billing information and pertinent medical forms. The medical evaluation forms are completed and submitted completely online for review by a physician. These are required to obtain prescription HCG.

6. Phone consultation. Once your medical forms have been reviewed, you will be contacted by a physician or physician representative for approval to do the program. This is a great time to ask questions if you have any at this point. Should you not be approved to complete the HCG diet, you will also be contacted by the medical department and completely refunded the purchase price of the program.

7. Your HCG is on its way! Good luck with the program, and contact the Nu Image Medical staff at any point should you need assistance. We are here to help! 888-520-3438

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