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Health Benefits of the HCG Diet

Health Benefits of the HCG Diet

Health Benefits of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet utilizes the effect of HCG to burn abnormal fat; the same type of fat that is correlated with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and others. HCG works to reduce abnormal fat substantially - by an average of 25-40 pounds of fat for women in 6 weeks and an average of 30-47 pounds of fat for men. The HCG diet is one of the few diets that can specifically target abnormal fat with such a high efficiency without reducing lean muscle mass.

The ability for the HCG diet to preserve lean muscle is one of its major benefits; most other diets result in major lean muscle mass losses because lean muscle and structural fat are the first source of energy for the body without HCG supplementation. It's one of the few diets that does not require any exercise at all or a bare minimum of 20-30 minutes of light exercise per day, while maintaining structural integrity. The diet has an almost unlimited number of health benefits, but below are some of the more notable ones.

Loses weight while maintaining skin tightness

Other rapid weight loss diets have a major disadvantage of creating a large amount of excess skin after the weight loss. The HCG diet maintains skin firmness and tightness even when fat is burned quickly, because it maintains structural fat and muscle. Crash diets will force the body to burn structural fat and don't have the health and skin benefits that HCG offers. HCG actually makes the skin more elastic for pregnant women to allow their stomachs to stretch, and the same effect happens for people on the HCG diet.

Chronic illnesses can be reversed

People who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems from obesity, and other problems related to weight can have these issues reversed after just one or two rounds of the HCG diet. Blood pressure levels can return back to normal once excess weight has been lost and the heart does not have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body. Losing just 5 to 10 pounds can reduce the symptoms of obesity related chronic illnesses, but the HCG diet can result in weight losses that are much higher than this in a short period of time. Also, the majority of the weight lost is abnormal fat and excess water. Blood sugar levels can return back to normal levels, and insulin insensitivity can be reversed in many cases, reducing diabetes symptoms.

The HCG diet targets stubborn fat

Abnormal fat is the most difficult fat to lose, and the HCG diet specifically targets this type of fat that can accumulate around the neck, hips, thighs, sides, and under the arms. HCG constantly works throughout the day to burn this fat specifically. Other diets cannot target abnormal fat directly because they rely on a different method of metabolism, and abnormal fat often stays on while reserve fat and structural fat are burned. This is why abnormal fat ends up being "€œstubborn"€. Most people on the HCG diet are amazed at how they lose weight in places that they never had any previous success with, and it's truly one of the few diets that can do this without any exercise at all.

Improved libido and energy

Obesity causes a large number of issues, and fatigue and libido issues in both men and women are just a few of them. The HCG diet can improve symptoms of sexual dysfunction for both men and women, and eliminate the need for sexual dysfunction to be treated.  People who suffer from low energy and fatigue often find that when they start the HCG diet their energy levels and alertness levels improve. This in part is due to the clean and naturally detoxifying diet that the HCG diet protocol requires, but is also due to the ability of HCG to reduce excess body fat, as obesity can cause breathlessness, fatigue and trouble with physical movement.

Appetites for unhealthy food are eliminated

Most people who complete the 26 or 46 day HCG diet will find that their appetites change for the better. Appetite is influenced mainly by the hypothalamus, and HCG was thought by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons to affect the hypothalamus by resetting it to a more natural state. As a result of this resetting unnatural appetites for simple carbohydrates and fats are virtually gone after the diet has been completed and a person will usually crave more natural foods during Phase 3. Some of the changes in appetite could be psychological but either way the effect is a positive one and there are many health benefits to craving and eating mostly fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

A way to treat extreme obesity without dangerous gastric bypass surgery

The HCG diet is a safe and natural way to treat obesity without having to undergo gastric bypass surgery which can have many dangerous complications and is not a simple surgery by any means. Those who are obese would be much better off trying a simple and effective natural diet like the HCG diet that is well proven to help obese people lose dozens of pounds in a matter of weeks. The HCG diet uses a small amount of a natural hormone that has no negative side effects, and it should be one of the first options that a person suffering from extreme obesity should try.

Improved mobility and reduced joint pain

The HCG diet can greatly improve a person's mobility and reduce obesity related joint pain quickly, as it causes a large amount of weight loss that will be very noticeable. Losing 30-40+ pounds of fat in 6 weeks can result in seemingly miraculous changes in a person's ability to move, and since there is less pressure on the joints many chronic joint problems can be relieved. The HCG diet has several other health benefits and it's not just for people with large amounts of excess fat to lose; anyone who wants to be healthier and who wants to lose even just a few pounds can greatly benefit from going on the diet.

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