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HCG versus Phentermine

HCG versus Phentermine

HCG versus Phentermine

Phentermine is a psychostimulant drug that is similar to amphetamine that is used as an appetite suppressant medically. However, this drug is potentially dangerous to use, even though in some circumstances it is medically approved. It is FDA approved for the treatment of weight loss, but there have been many reported cases of moderate to serious side effects when taking phentermine for the purpose of weight loss. Some people have wondered if HCG is better or worse than phentermine for the purpose of weight loss. The reality is that phentermine is really a bad idea for weight loss and unless you are medically advised to take it, which is not common, you should avoid using it altogether. There are several reasons why you should avoid phentermine that will be discussed in this article, but in general it is bad for your body, it isn't as effective as HCG for weight loss, and it can have dangerous symptoms.

Phentermine is a stimulant that suppresses the appetite

It is helpful to know a bit about what phentermine is and how it works to control the appetite. Phentermine is a stimulant that is known to suppress appetite. Because of this effect, it is often used in combination with a low calorie diet or a very low calorie diet. It is available in capsules produced by several different companies, and it can be purchased in drinks. It is sometimes medically prescribed to obese patients as a way to help them control their weight, and it is currently being studied for its weight loss effects along with other medications for obesity. It is usually available in 37.5 milligram dosages. There are several conditions that are contraindicated for the use of Phentermine, and in general it is not as safe as many other weight loss aids like HCG.

Phentermine has several side effects

Although HCG has very minimal if any side effects, Phentermine can be loaded with side effects. Although it is generally regarded as safe by the FDA, phentermine can cause dozens of side effects. Some of the side effects can be serious such as heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, dizziness, restlessness, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, tremors, chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling in the ankles and legs, and difficulties doing exercise. Some of the minor side effects can include dry mouth, constipation, an unpleasant taste, and drowsiness. The drug interacts with several different other medications, and anyone who takes it for weight loss or any medical purpose must have it prescribed to ensure that it is safe for them. The drug should never be purchased without a prescription in any circumstance, and the purchase and use of the drug without a prescription is very dangerous.

HCG versus Phentermine side effects

HCG has very minimal side effects compared to the long list of phentermine side effects that you see above. That alone should tell you that it is far safer for you to use compared to phentermine. More importantly, HCG is a natural occurring compound that is produced in large quantities during pregnancy, and it has been proven to be safe to use for both men and women as a fertility treatment and as a weight loss treatment. However, phentermine is a synthetic drug that is similar to amphetamine and it can cause serious reactions in some people. The side effects that are sometimes but rarely seen with the small dosages of HCG that are used for the diet can include swelling in the legs or hands, bloating, stomach pain, nausea, indigestion and other mild effects that usually resolve within a few days. Of course if you have any serious reactions to the hormone you should report them to your medical provider immediately, but this rarely occurs.

HCG is more effective for weight loss

There have not been as many studies on phentermine and how it can result in weight loss as there have been on HCG. HCG is well known for its ability to result in real weight loss of anywhere from 15 to 40 or more pounds in a three to six week period of time. It is without a doubt one of the best weight loss aids, and because it is a natural hormone it is safe for the vast majority of people to use. The only people who are usually turned away for the HCG diet are those who do not have enough weight to lose, or those who have serious chronic illnesses that may cause a very low calorie diet to be dangerous for them. HCG will work better and won't have the dozens of serious side effects that phentermine has, and studies have shown that it can result in real weight loss when combined with the Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol.

HCG and phentermine should never be combined

Although some people have tried combining HCG with phentermine or discussed it online, this is very dangerous and should never be performed. There is no legitimate medical provider that would combine both of these drugs and the effects of doing this have not been studied and could very well be dangerous. If phentermine is used, it should only ever be used under medical supervision, but in no circumstance should HCG and phentermine be combined. The established diet protocols for both HCG and phentermine do not require the use of any other medications; these medications are always intended to be used alone. Phentermine in some cases is combined with other medications, but that is at the discretion of your medical doctor.

HCG is effective at suppressing hunger

You should never have to take phentermine for hunger suppression because HCG is proven to be effective at suppressing hunger, and it does this naturally. Phentermine's hunger suppression effect comes with a wide range of negative side effects, while HCG does not have any of these side effects. It is a great way to suppress your appetite naturally, and when combined with the HCG diet it can result in fast weight loss. When you follow the proper HCG diet protocol, your hunger levels will be controlled and you won't feel very hungry in spite of being on a very low calorie diet. The hunger suppression effect of HCG is strong and it can help you get through the three or six week low calorie diet without much effort.

There can be long term phentermine effects

Many patients have reported some long term effects when they have used phentermine such as adrenal fatigue, sharp pains that continue for a long period of time, sleep disturbances that won't go away, blood pressure problems, heart problems, anxiety, and more. Also, it is important to note that many patients become addicted to phentermine and use it for substance abuse. The fact that it is an addictive substance means that it is even worse for you to use for weight loss compared to HCG, as there is no risk of addiction with HCG at all. Phentermine's side effects just have not been well established and researched, and you never know how it will react with your body. It is simply not worth the risk when you have natural and safe alternatives like HCG available. If you want to learn more about the differences between phentermine and HCG, speak to a licensed medical provider now at Nu Image Medical and feel free to ask us any questions that you may have.

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