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HCG Phase 3 Transition Tips and Strategies

HCG Phase 3 Transition Tips and Strategies

The HCG Diet Phase 3 Transition

Phase 3 of the HCG diet is the most important phase, and as you transition out from the very low calorie diet you need to be extra careful that you don't gain weight. There are several strategies and tips that you can use to improve your chances of success during the HCG phase 3 transition. Preparing for this phase is well worth the effort because there is a greater chance that you'll slip up here as you start adding more foods back into your diet.

With the proper planning and by sticking to the recommended diet protocol you can avoid weight gain and maintain the weight that you lost during Phase 2 of the diet. Transitioning out of Phase 2 successfully takes preparation, and you should take the time to plan out your strategy and also carefully pick the foods that you will eat during this phase.

Tip #1 - Meet With Your Medical Provider to Discuss a Strategy

You may want to meet with your medical provider briefly to discuss how you plan on approaching this phase of the diet. At Nu Image Medical we offer an initial medical consultation at the very start of the diet. You should discuss your particular concerns and your weaknesses, and the foods that you've struggled with the most. Your medical provider can give you any unique recommendations outside of the regular protocol that may help you through this phase.

For instance, there may be some whole foods such as fruits can substitute for some of the junk foods that you may have a weakness for. You can discuss your diet history with your medical provider and discuss areas where you may have struggled in the past and come up with a strategy to overcome those obstacles once you try the HCG diet.

Tip #2 - Avoid Starch and Sugar

Starches and sugar as well as grains are the most dangerous foods to eat during Phase 3, and you should do your best to avoid them altogether. The diet protocol at Nu Image Medical specifically advises you to avoid these foods, and although you'll have a greater range of foods to eat compared to Phase 2 you still won't be able to eat starchy fruits and vegetables or grains.

After Phase 2 of the diet your body's metabolism will be reset to normal, and if you start adding sugar or starch back into your diet it will throw your metabolism off and you'll gain weight very quickly. Eating starch, sugar or grains is one of the top causes of weight gain during this phase, and the weight gain will be rapid and difficult to deal with. Essentially you want to avoid eating these foods altogether in the future after you complete the diet, or limit them to a bare minimum, and we have discussed the reasons why on this blog in several articles.

Tip #3 - Keep Your Portions Small and Maintain a Calorie Deficit

You should be able to maintain a calorie deficit during this phase. The protocol at Nu Image Medical recommends about 800 calories per day for a lot of people, but you should discuss this with your medical provider at the start of your diet. 800 calories per day will definitely maintain your weight loss results, and still allow you to have larger protein, fruit and vegetable portions compared to Phase 2 of the diet.

If 800 calories per day isn't working for you in terms of keeping you satisfied throughout the day, you can discuss adjusting the protocol with your medical provider, but what you eat is far more important than the number of calories you eat.

Tip #4 - Keep Drinking Water

You need to maintain the same amount of water intake during Phase 3 of the diet. Continuing to drink at least a half a gallon up to one gallon per day will help you stay satisfied on a calorie deficit and can even help you lose more weight during this phase. It's also crucial to continue drinking water because burning a large amount of fat will release fat soluble toxins very quickly, and you'll need to flush these toxins from your body during Phase 3 and beyond.

Don't start drinking sugar drinks or juices when you get to Phase 3, and also limit your alcohol intake to a minimum. One or two glasses or red wine won't hurt you, but you won't want to start drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks that can cause weight gain or metabolic problems.

Tip #5 - Start Exercising

You don't need to start an intense exercise routine once you reach Phase 3, but starting a moderate workout regimen or getting back to your normal workout routine is definitely a good idea as soon as you start the phase. If you start working out right at the beginning of Phase 3, you'll be much more likely to maintain your weight loss as you start incorporating new foods back into your diet.

No matter what you should exercise on a regular basis, but some people mistakenly wait until Phase 3 is over to start working out. You don't have to do this, and you can definitely benefit from at least a moderate amount of exercise. The exercise will help your body detox and it will stop your metabolism from slowing down if you slip up. It can offset some diet mistakes but it's more important to avoid mistakes in the first place.

Tip #6 - Eat More Meals Per Day

You were limited to two meals per day during Phase 2, and the purpose of this phase was to create as big of a calorie deficit as possible, within safe limits. Now that you can eat more calories per day you can start eating more meals per day. This can be helpful for keeping you full, and you won't want continue to eat just two meals per day.

One idea is to scale up your Phase 2 HCG diet recipes and just make larger portions and split the portions up throughout the day. This way you won't be eating foods that are going to cause you to gain weight, but you'll also be getting sufficient portion sizes. HCG diet foods are all very low in calories and you'll find that you will be very satisfied if you mostly eat Phase 2 foods during Phase 3.

Tip #7- Eat Breakfast Every Day

After you weigh yourself in the morning as the protocol advises, you should eat a large breakfast as soon as you feel hungry. You can eat a lot of breakfast foods during this phase that were not allowed during Phase 2, and eating a large breakfast can make a major difference in how easy it is for you to maintain your weight during Phase 3. You will want to eat a protein rich breakfast and also include healthy fats like avocados.

Whey protein is good to include in your breakfast with smoothies. You can also eat meat but be careful of meats with high fat content like bacon. Organic eggs are a great filling breakfast food for Phase 3 and you should include healthy fats from nuts, olive oil and other sources. Use coconut or olive oil with your breakfast cooking and avoid using vegetable oils. Also be sure to avoid grains including oats and continue to use Stevia as a sweetener for your breakfast foods and drinks if needed. For more information about how the HCG diet can benefit you and help you lose weight quickly, talk to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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