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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

HCG Meals Delivered Nationwide

HCG Meals Delivered Nationwide
For those who do not have time to prepare their meals on the HCG diet, there are ready made HCG meals that can be delivered throughout the United States through Nu Image Medical. This is a new program and there are a wide range of different meal options available. When you choose the prepared meals you can rest assured that you are getting the proper nutrition on the diet, and the meals will fit your 500 calorie per day limit and that the meals will be in the proper portion sizes. This can take out a large amount of the time required for the diet, because otherwise you will have to cook in most cases to ensures that you follow the protocol properly.

Prepared HCG meals can save you time

The time that it takes to prepare each meal can be substantial because you cannot rely on any prepackaged or processed foods for the diet if you are trying to stick to the protocol. The HCG diet protocol requires strict adherence in order for the hormone to work properly and burn fat quickly. If the dieter does not have the time to prepare each meal from scratch, the diet may not work effectively. Prepared meals can save several hours per week on meal preparation time and allows dieters to focus on their other priorities and other aspects of the diet while spending as little time as possible on the diet. Prepared meals are the perfect option for busy professionals, parents, and anyone that doesn't have the time or ability to cook HCG meals at home using only the allowed ingredients.

HCG meals have the proper ingredients

When you order the prepared HCG meals from Nu Image Medical, you don't have to worry about checking the ingredient list. The ingredients in all of our meals are approved for the HCG diet, and each meal is guaranteed to work within the strict food requirements that are outlined in the protocol. You won't have to spend time researching additives and seasonings, and the meals will fit into the diet and will not interfere with the hormone at all. Eating just one meal that doesn't have the allowed ingredients can cause problems with the hormone's effectiveness, even if the meal's main ingredients are approved for the HCG diet. Dieters must stick to the approved seasoning list to ensure that no unexpected interactions occur with the hormone and to guarantee that nothing in their diet will cause the weight loss to slow down or plateau. Dieters who choose the prepared meal option will never have to deal with these issues for the three week VLCD.

You will lose more weight when you have properly prepared meals

If you spend the money to purchase the prepared meal program at Nu Image Medical, you are much more likely to see much better results on the diet than if you were to cook your own food. There are many reasons why; first of all, you are more likely to stick to the diet when you purchase prepared meals because you will naturally want to make the best use of them and your money. You are more likely to lose a large amount of weight during the diet because it can be very easy to make mistakes when cooking and miscalculate your calories or use the wrong ingredients. Prepared meals will ensure that you have the exact number of calories you need at each meal, and both three and six week options available for Phase 2.

Save time on meal preparation and calorie counting on the diet

Even if you are a fast cooker, you will have to spend extra time with calorie counting and meal preparation on the diet. Many people are good at counting calories because they may have experience with it, but if you aren't experienced with it, you are more likely to lose a lot of time counting calories for each meal on the diet. With prepared meals you won't have to worry about counting calories at all during the three or six week very low calorie diet, and this lets you focus on getting through the diet and being successful. The small price for prepared meals will not only save you time, it will help you lose the maximum amount of weight, and there are several different meal options available.

All meals are included

The Nu Image Medical prepared meal set includes every meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner on the HCG diet, so you won't have to worry about preparing an extra meal throughout the diet. The three and six week prepared meal plans offered by Nu Image Medical are comprehensive and considering the fact that you will be spending money on food anyway during the diet if you choose to make your own meals, it may be preferable to purchase the prepared meals to save yourself the time of having to shop, have the ingredients on hand, prepare each meal and more. Every meal that you need for three to six weeks is offered and you can easily calculate your monthly grocery expenditure to see how much more you would being paying (if any) for the meal replacements. At just a little over $20 per day you can have your meals prepared for three or six weeks and not have to worry about spending time cooking, and the meals are very high quality and delicious.

Have your meals shipped to you whenever you are in the U.S.

No matter which state you're in, in the U.S., you can have your meals shipped directly to you, and there are several shipping options including expedited shipping. Your meals will be shipped fresh and properly packed, and you will receive the meals every Friday so that the food is fresh every week. When you purchase the three week plan you will receive a 20% discount and the six week mean plan comes with an even higher 25% discount, and your meals can be shipped to your home or your office. As long as you order them by Thursday, they will be delivered to you by the Friday of the following week.

The quality of the meals is amazingly good and just as delicious as if you were to make your own HCG diet recipes. Some of the meal options include house salad with romaine, kale or spinach, grilled chicken, filet mignon, grapefruit, green apples, strawberries, grilled chicken, skirt steak, sautéed chicken, flounder, white fish, and many other high quality protein options. There are few other providers in the United States if any that offer 100% HCG diet compatible meals that won't interfere with the hormone but instead assist you with losing as much weight as possible. You can also purchase the meal replacement packs which are made from whey protein if you are planning on cooking and need a quick meal occasionally, but the delivered meals for the HCG diet are the way to go if you cannot cook or if you are pressed for time at all and want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Get more information about how to order Nu Image Medical's high quality and delicious HCG diet food delivery program at a 20% discount here.

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