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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

HCG Injections, Pellets or Drops? Which is best?

HCG Injections, Pellets or Drops? Which is best?

HCG Injections, Pellets or Drops? Which is best?

If you are considering the HCG diet you might be wondering which form of HCG delivery is the best or safest. As long as the hormone is purchased from a legitimate provider with medical doctors on staff it is safe to purchase in the form of injections, pellets or drops. Injections are the most effective form of HCG delivery because they directly increase blood levels of HCG and have been the most widely tested. With the proper medical instruction, HCG can be self-injected using a very small ¼ inch insulin needle with a very small amount of the hormone.

For patients who may not be comfortable with self-injecting, there are both HCG pellets and drops sold by Nu Image Medical that have higher concentrations of HCG because the absorption of HCG from the digestive tract is less efficient than direct injections. Even though injections are sometimes preferred, the drops and pellets sold by Nu Image Medical are designed to provide the same levels of HCG that the injections would.

HCG injections are safe and virtually painless

The injections are very safe but should be attempted only after a consultation with a physician, and the small needle used for the injections is virtually painless. Whether you buy the injections, pellets or drops from Nu Image Medical, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them including both mixing and injecting instructions.

The subQ (subcutaneous) injections can be administered on any area of the body with fat pockets such as the thighs, abdomen or lower back, and if one injection site becomes painful or irritated the injection sites can be rotated. The injections are given between the skin and muscle, and the subQ injection works well with the HCG diet program because it is an effective and almost painless way to administer a very small amount of the   hormone.

You will also be able to directly communicate with medical doctors who can answer any questions you have at all about using the injections and about the diet, and your current health status will be thoroughly reviewed prior to starting the diet at Nu Image Medical to ensure that the diet is safe for you.

The vast majority of people are able to safely participate in the HCG diet and can self-inject the hormone after some basic training without any issues. The instructions that come with the Nu Image Medical HCG diet program will show you how to rotate injection sites and also give you detailed information on how to administer the injections at home. You can buy HCG injections anytime from Nu Image Medical and we provide you with detailed instructions and a medical consultation as well.

HCG drops or pellets are an effective secondary option to the injections

The HCG drops or pellets offer a great alternative to people who are needle shy, and many people have tried the drops or pellets have had great results with both. The injections are preferred because they make HCG immediately available to the body to metabolize fat, but the drops and pellets offer an effective secondary option.

The HCG pellets have the advantage of not requiring refrigeration at any point and as a result they are a great option for people who travel often or won't have access to refrigeration for a period of time. The injections and drops do not have to be refrigerated until they are mixed. However once they are mixed you will need to refrigerate them for the remainder of their use, and they cannot be left out for more than 6 hours. Leaving them out for longer than this can affect the potency of the hormone.

Regardless of which delivery method you decide on, you must follow the instructions on how often you should take the hormone and be sure to stay on the recommended dosing schedule. If you end up skipping a dose of HCG you should never double dose, and you will have to take a careful record of when you administer HCG to yourself so that you can avoid accidental double dosing. Click here to buy HCG drops.

Be sure that you purchase pharmaceutical grade HCG from a licensed pharmacy!

As long as the source of the HCG is reliable and pharmaceutical grade, the hormone is safe to purchase online in injectable format, and Nu Image Medical is one of the few providers that offers pure pharmaceutical grade HCG. If you purchase HCG from an unknown provider there is no guarantee as to the purity of the product and you run the risk of purchasing . You don't want to take any risks when purchasing HCG or any other hormone or supplement.

Nu Image Medical is one of the largest and most trusted providers of real prescription grade HCG, and if you purchase HCG injections pellets or drops from us you can be certain that our HCG products are pure and pharmaceutical grade - exactly the same as if you were to go to your family doctor and receive HCG injections directly in their office.

Do not purchase homeopathic HCG - it is illegal!

Due to the popularity of the HCG diet there have been several fly by night operations that have started offering untested homeopathic HCG products. You should be aware that these products are not only ineffective and possibly dangerous, but they are also illegal to buy in the United States. Never purchase homeopathic HCG products either over the counter or online.

Homeopathic HCG was banned by the FDA in 2011, and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that it works. In case you are wondering, homeopathic HCG is a heavily diluted mix of the hormone; diluted so much that if there was any hormone at the start of the dilution, it is virtually gone by the end of the dilution. Some homeopathic HCG products may not even have any HCG in them at all, and since they are not regulated by any governing body you should definitely avoid them.

Stick to pharmaceutical grade HCG..

Only stick to pharmaceutical grade HCG that is sourced from a licensed U.S. pharmacy and is administered under the supervision of medical doctors. At Nu Image Medical we are one of the only providers of HCG that can offer all of that, and if you purchase HCG injections drops or pellets from us you can be assured of the quality and the purity of the HCG product you are getting. You can buy HCG injections drops or pellets directly from our website and we offer a purity and quality guarantee with all of our HCG orders.

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