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HCG Injections for Weight Loss - Guide 2018

HCG Injections for Weight Loss - Guide 2018

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

A large population of adults in the US are battling with obesity. Well there are a number of ways through which you can achieve your weight loss goals one of them being the HCG injections diet. If you have been into lots of exercising and dieting for weight loss and you have not been seeing any results HCG injections could just be the ideal option for you. In this article we are going to look at how the HCG protocol works in getting rid of excessive weight.

What is HCG?

First and foremost it’s important to know the weight loss ingredients that are contained in the HCG injection diet. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and it contains essential components for the proper functioning of both the male and female reproductive systems. When HCG is in its pure form is referred to glycoprotein which contains oligosaccharide chains. Basically glycoprotein contains a mass of hundreds of amino acids. Both males and females produce low amounts of during their entire life but expectant mothers tend to produce higher levels of HCG during the pregnancy period.

HCG effects in Men

Particularly in men the male testicles produce very
minimal levels of HCG that cannot be easily detected. However the HCG produced helps in the production of testosterone and the enhancement of the usual functioning
of the testicles during the puberty stage of adolescent males.

HCG effects in Women

In women high levels of HCG are obtained from the
urine of expectant mothers which is in turn used for various functions
including weight loss and acquisition of fertility components in both men and women.

Precautions of HCG Production in Women and Men

Unusual HCG production levels in both males and the females
that are not pregnant can be an indication of the existence of a tumor in the body. This is because there are a number of cancers that lead to the abnormal production of HCG.

HCG Injection Description

Also known as the HCG shots the Human Chorionic
Gonadotropin injection is known as the HCG in a medicinal form. These injections are usually administered together with the HCG protocol for solving weight loss and fertility issues. Since we all have different bodies that respond differently to medication you need to get a doctor to give you the right HCG prescription for your body however the usual HCG shot dosage is 200iu/day. While on this program you should be careful not to consume the product for a longer period or in an excess amount opposed to the one recommended by your doctor.

How the Injection Works

Well, it may seem unusual that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone produced by expectant mothers can be helpful in meeting your set weight loss goals. However you will be surprised to know that the same role it plays in expectant mothers is the same that can lead to weight loss in both males and females. This is how it works; in an event where a pregnant mother is not having a sufficient food intake this hormone comes in to utilize the excessive fats that are stored in the body to ensure proper nutrition during the pregnancy period. The same procedure can also be applied to men and women that want to burn off the extra fat in their body through the HCG injections. Though low calorie consumption can be effective in getting rid of excessive fat it bears more benefits when used together with the HCG injection. Moreover relying on calorie restriction only can leave your body weak unlike doing it with the HCG
injection accompaniment which ensures that your body produces enough energy to
keep your body strong.

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The HCG Diet Injection Protocol for Weight Loss

Our bodies contain a number of fat components all
meant for different functions of the body. They provide the body with maximum protection of the vital organs from damage and proper nutrition. As much as body fat is essential in performing these functions it becomes harmful when produced in
excess. These excessive fat is normally stored in body areas such as the thighs, stomach and the hips thus this HCG injection comes in place to get rid of the unwanted fat that is stored in these areas. Note that HCG specialists advice that this injection should be used along with a diet with limited calories that enhances maximum fat burn thus leading to a remarkable weight loss. This HCG procedure is usually designed to see that the user consumes
500-800 calories per day. Apart from calorie restriction the HCG protocol ensures
that all the excess fat in the body is utilized while retaining the muscle
tissue and all the crucial fat for a normal operation of the body functions.

A user that is dedicated and consistent with the HCG program can be able to lose 1 to 2
pounds in a day. A day’s calorie intake of the HCG diet is normally made up of
limited servings of vegetables, proteins and fruits that should be consumed in
turns all day long. If you want to get the best out of this program these
injections should be administered on a daily basis. This will ensure that the
muscle tissues are preserved while losing weight on the other hand.

How the HCG Weight Loss Diet Actually Works

Research from back in the 1950’s indicated that the
HCG diet shots were an ideal remedy for burning excess fat through the removal
of the fat cells from the body. Usually these HCG shots are supposed to be
administered along with a calorie free diet for satisfactory weight loss
results. How these injections work is through enhancing the distribution of the
body’s effects on the fat cells rather than on the muscle tissues of the body. These
process helps in the retaining of the body’s lean muscle void of consuming much
of the essential nutrition from other operational cells of the body. Accompanied
by a calorie free diet this process in turn makes it mandatory for the body to
use the stored fat for its functions thus leading to a remarkable weight loss
in the long run. Note that the HCG shots can be used along with Vitamin B12 but
that’s optional because it performs its function perfectly whether Vitamin b12
is present or not.

HCG Weight Loss Phases 1-4:

Weight loss results from the HCG program can be
witnessed within 4 to 8 weeks of using the HCG injection. During this period
the body’s metabolism resets itself to the new HCG diet which should continue
even when the HCG diet comes to an end. This procedure works concurrently with
the HCG burning away the excessive fat cells that bring along overweight issues.
While on this diet program you should have in mind that the main weight loss should
occur during the 4-8 week period. Note that there are four phases that need to
be adhered to for an effective weight loss.

Phase 1

The number one phase also termed as the loading
phase enhances a heightened calorie consumption so as to form up fat stores. While
this is referred to the most exciting phase among the four the patient is usually
advised not to just enjoy guzzling food but to give keen attention to how they
will end up successful in the rest of the phases.

Phase 2

Phase two is the most involving phase of the program and it can last from 23 to 40 days all dependent on the recommendation of the
specialist guiding your through the weight loss journey. The reason why it is
termed to be the most difficult phase is because it’s the period that the
patient’s diet should have quite a restricted amount of calories. Though it’s a
common knowledge that the HCG injection reduces the urge for excessive food
intake the patient might find themselves having high appetite levels during
this period. The cause for the increased appetite levels is not usually hunger
related but mostly as a result of societal settings or high stress levels. Good
news is that when the HCG user is aware of the causes of having a food intake exceeding
the prescribed amount for the phase they can be able to fight them back. For instance,
people that tend to eat much due to high stress levels can always avoid any stressful
situations that may come their way.

Phase 3

The third phase can also be referred to the
stabilization stage of the whole HCG program. This is because the user will not
be in need of the HCG injections anymore. However you should continue measuring
your weight daily to see that it stays stable even without the injections. Moreover
at this stage you will keep consuming a specific diet as recommended by your

Phase 4

The last phase of the program is basically known as the
maintenance stage. It will involve you ensuring that you maintain your current
weight achieved by the HCG weight loss program. By the time you get to this
phase you are usually thoroughly equipped not to get back to the unhealthy
diets you used to consume before setting on the HCG diet. Though the fourth
phase does not have much diet limitations as the second and third stage it’s
important that you keep in mind that going back to consuming an unhealthy diet
will interfere with your weight loss long term goals.

Benefits using HCG Injections

With the HCG injections combined with a calorie
limited diet there are plenty of benefits to reap. Weight loss being one among
them there are a number of other benefits that the HCG hormone comes with.

Muscle Preservation

Consuming low calorie diets can be effective in
attaining weight loss goals but not as much if the body’s muscle tissues are going
to be lost in the process. This will definitely interfere with functions of the
body because it will end up reducing the metabolic rate of the body. With that
you find that it will be almost impossible to kick out the excessive weight in
your body or even make it quite difficult to lose any pound the next time you
will be on a weight loss program. On the other hand the HCG program will not
only let you lose your intended weight but it also ensures that the muscle
tissues are reserved for the well-being of the body. That way it assures you to
establish a long term weight loss strategy.

Increased Metabolism

Metabolism in simple terms can be termed as the
amount of calories that are consumed. One essential benefit of the HCG program
is that it enhances metabolism in turn increasing calorie burn. Some of the
factors that will influence the metabolic rate of the body include the body
genetics, muscle reliability and the growth hormone levels. All these factors
lead to a heightened resting metabolism which in the end results to an
increased fat consumption. When you have achieved a stable metabolism rate it will
be a definite assurance that you can be able to maintain your current weight or
lose your intended weight without much struggle. This is because your body will
be able to burn off effectively all the excessive calories causing obesity.

No Hunger-related Excessive Food Consumption

A good number of diet plans for weight loss leave
the user with remarkable hunger pains that may make the whole process quite
difficult. Unlike these kind of diet plans the HCG program helps you stick to
your recommended diet without facing much of hunger pains. This is because when
the HCG program is administered is helps in the suppression of excessive
appetite. With that you can be pretty assured of emerging successful in the HCG
diet program without facing much difficulties.

Enhanced Testosterone Production

Men experiencing problems with low testosterone
levels can use the HCG injection to boost their testosterone levels. Research has
it that a large number of men that have taken consideration of this HCG hormone
have had their testosterone issues solved remarkably. Moreover on the
testosterone this hormone is quite important because it ensures that a man’s
sexuality, virility and muscle development stays at its best. Since this
hormone deals with testosterone issues it is likely that it can also hinder the
erectile dysfunction problems.

Cheap & Affordable

It is definite that before settling for any weight
loss remedy you will first need to see whether it suits your budget needs. Well,
with the HCG weight loss program you can be rest assured that you won’t be forced
to empty your bank account in an effort to achieving your weight loss goals. One
thing that will make you spend less with this program is that you will not need
to use it regularly because its weight loss effects remain intact even when you
are done with your prescribed dosage. However you should note that this will
only apply if you maintain a healthy diet intake after your HCG dosage is over.

Pain Free

We all know that some of the painful and tiresome gym
exercises required for weight loss can be very uncomfortable for a good number
of people. With the HCG program you won’t have to go through the painful and
unpleasant work out sessions; you will only need to get the HCG injections and
a calorie restricted diet to meet your weight loss goals effectively.

Side Effects of HCG Diet Injections & Are they Safe?

This weight loss program has been used for over 50
years for weight loss needs among both men and women. As much as the HCG
program has not yet been therapeutically approved by the FDA it has received a
large number of positive customer reviews from customers that have used it
before. Moreover the program has been termed by a number of medical experts to
be a safe weight loss remedy without any fatal side effects.

On safety you should also note that there has been an
introduction of oral methods of administering the HCG program which include
oral pellets or oral drops of the hormone. However it is crucial to note that
the original administration of this program was usually in injections and the
oral administration has not yet been termed as well effective like the
injection method. Well as much as the method of administration you are going to
use depends on your own preferences you should be careful to use the one that will
satisfy your weight loss needs effectively. Most importantly even with the
injection you should be careful to ensure you are getting the product from a reliable

Side Effects

Truth is that some HCG users experience some side
effects while going through the program while others don’t experience these
effects at all. One reason that many HCG users don’t experience these side
effects is because the amount of HCG levels contained in a HCG diet are much
lower compared to those produced by expectant mothers. Some of the HCG program
side effects include;

· Stomach and Pelvic area pain

· Vomiting

· Acne

· Diarrhea

· Breast tenderness

· Minor bloating

· Monthly periods irregularities

· Ovarian pain

· Short breath moments

· Irritability

· Headaches

· Growth of female like breasts in men

· Excessive sweating on the legs and the

To reduce the occurrence of the side effects that
are likely to come due to diet change you can consider engaging in an early
diet transition process. Also note that you should consult your doctor before
using any HCG prescription. This will ensure that you consume a safe diet that
may not result into serious side effects. On this you should also ensure that
you let your doctor know anytime you sense unusual reactions with the
prescribed diet.

Furthermore you may experience some minor side
effects like swelling on the injected spot. Incase this happens it should alert
you only if the redness or the swelling is excessive.

HCG Warnings

Before enrolling for a HCG program you will need to
take the following precautions into consideration to avoid experiencing some side
effects that may require serious medical attention. You may want taking a
second thought about HCG for weight loss if you have the situations listed

· Expectant – in case you get expectant in
the middle of the program you should let your HCG supervisor know about it

· Suffering from cancer that’s related to
a dysfunction of the male hormones

· If you are getting into puberty earlier
than usual

· If you are allergic to contents within
the HCG medication

You should also consider letting your doctor know if
you have experienced the following conditions in the past.

· Asthmatic reactions

· Allergies

· Heart or kidney disease

· Migraines

· Seizures

· Early puberty

It’s also to key to note that consuming alcohol
while using the HCG medication to help you in becoming pregnant may render your
efforts futile. Also note that missed appointments should be recovered as fast
as possible for effective weight loss results at the end of the program.

Where can I buy HCG Diet Injections from Online?

The most important thing to consider when purchasing HCG Diet Injections online is that you are buying from a reputable vendor that has been in the business of selling HCG injections for a very long time (Nuimage Medical has been seling HCG injections for 10+ years).

Beware there are some vendors that are popping up around the internet selling fake HCG injection kits that contain fake HCG that will not work like the real pharmaceudical grade HCG injections available at Nuimage Medical.

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If you are convinced that the HCG program is all you
need to attain your weight loss goals you need not to waste more time but
embark on the program right away. No matter the number of pounds you are intending to lose you will be able to reach your target with a consistent calorie
restricted diet and the HCG program adherence. You can also opt to enroll for
an online HCG program where you will need to fill a form with all your medical
information then a doctor will get to check your medical history and determine
whether you are suitable for the HCG diet. The moment the doctor is sure that
are qualified for the HCG program they will send your prescription
to the US pharmacy for direct shipping to your mail. It’s an absolute fact that
weight loss is not a walk in the park, however with the Human Chorionic
Gonadotropin hormone you can be able to lose your intended weight without much

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