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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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HCG Homeopathic Versus Real Drops

HCG Homeopathic Versus Real Drops

Homeopathic Versus Real Drops

HCG homeopathic drops are still being sold at online stores and retailers throughout the U.S. and elsewhere even though they have been banned by the FDA. If you have been considering trying homeopathic HCG drops or products you should definitely avoid using them at all, as the quality of these products is not guaranteed by anyone. Homeopathic HCG drops are not guaranteed to contain any real hormone in them at all, and they may also have harmful ingredients. It's never a good idea to purchase homeopathic HCG products or other products in general, as the quality of these products is dubious at best and many of the products make exaggerated or untrue claims. With the HCG diet you are always better off purchasing a prescription HCG product from a licensed retailer, and you can trust in the quality of the hormone as long as it is obtained from a legitimate company.

Homeopathic products are diluted

Homeopathic products are based on homeopathic medicine which originated in Germany during the 1700s. It is a medicine practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. Homeopathic medicine views illness as the body attempting to heal itself, and it also believes in the idea of "€œlike cures like"€. That is, they believe that if a substance causes symptoms in a healthy person, that the same substances may be able to cure an illness when it is diluted. Homeopathic health practitioners sell homeopathic products which are intended to have this effect or other effects. The products contain a small amount of an active ingredient, and most  of the products have a mineral or a plant ingredient. The vast majority of these medicines have been largely proven to not have any healing effects or beneficial disease fighting effects.

Homeopathic HCG drops were invented recently

Homeopathic HCG products such as drops were only invented very recently and were not used at all at the start of the diet. These drops were developed by individuals or companies and are supposed based on the homeopathic medicine idea. However, there's no legitimate use for these drops, as they have never been approved for use on the original HCG diet. The diet protocol always called for the use of HCG hormone injections or actual HCG drops. When homeopathic HCG is substituted for real HCG on the diet, there is no evidence that it works better or does anything to improve the diet. In reality, most dieters who do this will end up having worse results with the diet and may have side effects or health consequences from unknown ingredients in the drops.

The drops are 100% illegal

As mentioned previously, the original diet protocol never called for the use of any "€œhomeopathic"€ products in order for the diet to be successful. Greedy businesspeople without concern for others tried to capitalize on the hype of both the HCG diet and homeopathic medicine to create these diet products which were eventually made illegal because of how widespread and dangerous that they were. Any company that is selling these drops even after they have been clearly made illegal is obviously potentially dangerous and not worth buying from. There are not as many providers selling homeopathic HCG diet drops since they were made illegal in 2013. The FDA made it clear that human chorionic gonadotropin was not on the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States list of active ingredients that are approved for homeopathic drug products, and the FDA advised those who had purchased homeopathic HCG to stop using it immediately after the advisory was issued and to report any negative side effects to them.

Homeopathic HCG is made at unlicensed facilities

Because of the fact that the FDA has taken steps to enforce the law against selling homeopathic HCG, the few products that are still available are produced at overseas pharmacies that have no regulation. They are able to get past U.S. laws and regulations by doing this, however they run even more risks than ever before. The quality of the drug production facilities at these companies and pharmacies is often much lower than facilities in the United States and there are many potential risks with their products. Sometimes the products do not have any active ingredient in them, sometimes the products multiple active ingredients, and other products have dangerous ingredients. Other products may have ingredients that can cause allergic or other reactions, and they may be mislabeled or improperly dosed. No matter what you will never want to purchase any homeopathic HCG product for the diet, but there are several legitimate options available.

Legitimate HCG providers can still sell the drops or hormone

The FDA prohibition did not affect the legitimate sale of HCG by licensed medical clinics and pharmacies in the United States. The off-label use of pharmaceutical grade HCG for the low calorie diet is most certainly still legal. There is no comparison between the quality of a legitimate version of the hormone prescribed in the form of drops, lozenges or injections compared to a homeopathic variety. A pharmaceutical grade hormone product will be produced at a licensed pharmacy using the latest state of the art production equipment to ensure purity of the product and accuracy of the doses. Legitimate providers like Nu Image Medical were never affected by the FDA ruling and you can purchase the hormone safely from us and it will be guaranteed to work for the diet and most importantly it will be safe for you to use.

HCG Homeopathic Versus Real Drops - Homeopathic HCG drops don't work

Pharmaceutical grade HCG products will actually work for the diet and help you lose weight, while the homeopathic drops will not do anything for you. If you view websites that sell homeopathic HCG drops they will claim that their products work of course and they will cite fake testimonials or other false sources that claim that the products work. You have to be very wary of these websites because their false claims can be very misleading and they are still able to sucker people into buying their products in spite of the illegality and the complete lack of scientific evidence that they work. Their products won't save you much money and they won't actually help you lose weight in any way or make the very low calorie HCG diet any easier for you.

Purchase legitimate HCG drops and benefit from a high quality product

There's just no comparison between pure HCG drops prescribed from a legitimate medical clinic like Nu Image Medical compared to illegal companies that are still selling homeopathic hormones. The quality and the purity will be far superior, and you'll know exactly what dose you are getting. Also, you won't be prescribed the hormone without a careful and complete medical evaluation to ensure that both the hormone and the diet are safe for you to use. The diet is not for everyone, and your medical history and current health status needs to be screened by a licensed medical provider before starting the diet. Any company that sells homeopathic HCG will never do this for you, as they are selling the hormone recklessly and illegally in the first place. To guarantee that the diet is safe and that the hormone will work for you, always purchase it from a local clinic or from a national medical clinic like Nu Image Medical. For more information about our HCG diet products and how to order real and pure HCG for use on the diet, talk to a medical provider at our clinic today.


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