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HCG Diet Phase 2 Secrets to Success

HCG Diet Phase 2 Secrets to Success

Phase 2 Secrets to Success

Phase 2 of the HCG diet can be challenging for many people because of the strict daily calorie requirements and other requirements, but there are several strategies that you can use to improve your chances of success during this phase.

To have the greatest chance of success during this phase of the diet you need to be aware of the diet's requirements and fully review the diet protocol before you start dieting. You should also ask your medical provider if you have any questions at all about phase 2. If you've never tried the diet before you'll need to take some time to get familiar with the requirements of the protocol so that you don't slip up. Try some of these HCG diet phase 2 secrets to success and see if they help you get the results that you want on the diet.

Plan your meals out ahead of time

The most time consuming and challenging part of the HCG diet is the meal preparation, but with the proper meal preparation you can help to ensure your chances of success and you'll be much less likely to slip up.

Be sure to plan your meals out ahead of time for every week of Phase 2; ideally you should cook at home for the duration of the very low calorie diet because it will be very difficult if not impossible to stick to the diet when eating at restaurants. If you are pressed for time you can plan your meals out for every day of the week and pick recipes that you know you can handle.

You'll need to get familiar with some of the HCG diet recipes, but there are literally hundreds available both on this website and other HCG diet resources, and we also provide you with a cookbook with dozens of other recipes outside of what we have published on this blog.

Have a look at all of the available HCG diet recipes and pick a set of recipes that you think you'll enjoy. If you get the opportunity, try out some of these recipes before you actually start the diet and experiment with your own touches or alterations to the recipes. Just remember to only stick to HCG diet approved ingredients, and be sure to review the ingredient list before you start the diet.

Learn all of the HCG approved foods

Remember that phase 2 of the HCG diet is very strict in terms of the allowable foods. In general, you can assume that most foods are forbidden during phase 2 with the exception of the food list that is included with your HCG diet protocol.

There are just a handful of fruits and protein options that you can pick from, while you have a wider choice in terms of vegetables and a few seasonings. If it helps, print out the approved food list and keep it with you when you are cooking just so that you don't use anything that isn't allowed by accident. It can be really easy to slip up with this so you'll have to be extra vigilant.

The chances are that you'll have other people in your household who aren't on the HCG diet and so you'll still be exposed to foods that you aren't allowed to eat. You'll have to be very careful to separate your meals from what the people around you are eating, and you'll need to be cautious about your seasonings and condiments as well.

It's very easy to slip up with condiments and use a salad dressing, ketchup or other condiment made from ingredients that aren't allowed on the diet. Don't underestimate the effect of this; messing up and picking the wrong ingredients for your recipes or the wrong seasonings can have a significant effect on your weight loss during phase 2 and slow it down substantially.

Read the protocol carefully and ask questions

The HCG diet protocol that we provide you with at Nu Image Medical is very easy to get through in just a matter of a few hours or less, and you'll find that it is succinct but also very thorough in that it covers every aspect of the diet in detail and gives you very specific guidance on what to do and not to do during phase 2 and 3 of the diet.

Be sure that you spend the time to review the protocol thoroughly before you start the diet; it is well worth the effort and you'll be starting the diet with a much more knowledgeable point of view than someone who didn't review the protocol at all or barely reviewed it.

If you run into any questions or unique concerns about the protocol, be sure to discuss it with your medical provider at the start of the diet. At Nu Image Medical we provide you with a medical consultation and the opportunity to ask questions at the start of the diet regarding anything that you may be concerned about.

For example, some people may be concerned about the daily calorie limit, some may want to know if they can adjust the protocol, or they may have questions about the injection protocol or the way that meals should be prepared. Your medical provider can give you detailed information and help you through the critical first few weeks of the diet so that you get the most weight loss possible and have the greatest chance of success.

Use a proven diet program to improve your chances of success

With the popularity of the HCG diet there are now dozens of different diet providers, and each of them seems to have a different approach to the diet. The HCG diet that you will find at any legitimate local medical clinic will be based on the original Simeons protocol and will also be created and administered by licensed medical providers. This will make a major difference in the quality of the diet and greatly improve your chances of success.

Most legitimate HCG diet providers can prove their results through testimonials and the proven success of their former customers, and if you get the chance to speak to their former customers you can also get a good idea about the quality of their diet and whether or not it really worked for them.

The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is guaranteed to work for you if you follow the protocol properly and prepare for it as we recommend. For more information about the HCG diet or to ask a medical provider at Nu Image Medical any questions that you may have about it, click here.

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