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HCG Diet Cheat Recovery Tips

HCG Diet Cheat Recovery Tips
There are several things that you can do to recover from cheating on the HCG diet, and it is quite easy to make a recovery no matter how much you have cheated on the diet. There are several plateau breakers that you can try if you end up cheating on the diet, and you should be discouraged no matter how bad you mess up the protocol. You can get right back on track by using one of the plateau breakers, and doing a Steak Day or an Apple Day will help you recover from cheating quickly and detox your body so that the weight loss can resume. You may notice that your weight loss will stall after a cheating day, and if it does you shouldn't worry but follow a few basic steps to get back on track and start losing weight at the same rate that you were before.

I have cheated on my diet, what can I do to fix it?

First of all, if you cheat on the HCG diet just know that it is common and that the diet is not the easiest in the world to complete without cheating. With that said, it is still an effective diet for weight loss in spite of the fact that it may be difficult to complete without cheating. When your weight loss stalls as a result of cheating you should simply resume the normal diet for a few days and monitor your weight. If you notice that you are still gaining weight or if your weight is not decreasing at the same rate that it was before, you should try an Apple Day or a Steak Day. Both of these plateau breakers are included with our HCG diet protocol, and both of them can help you resume your normal weight loss after a stall that results from cheating.

Apple Day and Steak Day explained

The Apple Day consists of eating nothing other than 6 green apples throughout the day and drinking water. You don't want to eat anything else other than the six green apples, and you should try to space them out as much as possible to help with hunger. Eating nothing but green apples for one day will help your body detoxify from the effects of cheating, and it should get your weight loss back on track. The other option is the Steak Day, which involves eating one green apple or tomato, one large portion of steak for dinner, and as much water as you want throughout the day. This can be tried when the Apple Day doesn't work and is another alternative plateau breaker.

Apple Day or Steak Day after cheating on diet?

There's no right answer as to which plateau breaker that you should try first whenever you cheat on the diet. You can go with either an Apple Day or a Steak Day, but one important thing to do is to not try both of them on consecutive days, and you should only try a plateau breaker for one day. If you try one of the plateau breakers, be sure to monitor your weight the following morning and note if there is any difference, and give the plateau breaker at least two to three days to have an effect. If one of them doesn't work you can try the other after a waiting period of three days, but don't follow one with another on the next day. Be sure to weigh yourself every morning after you use the restroom and be consistent with your weighing to track how it is fluctuating.

I have cheated a lot on my HCG diet, should I stop or keep going?

If you've cheated a lot on your HCG diet you shouldn't be discouraged and you should finish out the diet. No matter how much you've cheated during the diet you can still lose weight, even if the majority of the days of Phase 2 or Phase 3 were not completed successfully. Try to finish the rest of the diet on the 500 calorie per day plan, and you can always try another round of the diet. The first round of the diet can be challenging for some people, and there is a bit of a learning curve to be able to manage the daily calorie requirement, food requirements, cooking and other aspects of the diet. You can always finish the diet no matter how much you've cheated, and you will be surprised at how much weight you really can lose even if you cheat.

Avoid having to recover by minimizing cheating on the diet

To avoid cheating in the first place there is a lot that you can do, and a big part of success on the diet is knowing your own weaknesses. Some people do not like cooking, and if that is the case you can still complete the full diet with our already prepared HCG diet meals and meal replacements. If you know that you don't have the time to cook, just purchase the prepared meals so that your meals are ready to go. If you are the type of person who can't resist eating out, avoid joining your friends to restaurants and be sure to always eat at home. Also be sure to drink enough water which can help you feel full throughout the day and avoid the temptation to snack, although the hormone should theoretically help you through the diet by suppressing your appetite.

Space your meals out and eat plenty of vegetables

Avoiding cheating on the diet is fairly easy once you get acquainted with the allowed foods and calorie limits. If you really have to cheat on the diet and eat more calories than you're supposed to, you should simply eat more of what you are allowed to eat while on the diet. For instance you might have more than a cup of spinach during one of your meals, and you still may be able to stay under your calorie limit. Vegetables are generally very low in calories, and the best way to fight hunger on the diet is to eat more vegetables which have fiber and other nutrients that will keep you full throughout the day. Also, space your meals apart and be sure to eat a breakfast with at least one of your fruit servings which can help you get to your next meal.

Remember that the hormone is always working

You have to remind yourself while you are on the diet that the hormone is always working to metabolize fat and that you will have the energy that you need to get through your diet through metabolized fat, so you really don't need to snack or eat more than 500 calories while you are in Phase 2 of the diet. Much of the hunger and temptation that you will experience while on the diet is psychological, and you can do a lot to overcome it by reminding yourself of the fact that your body has all of the calories that it needs by breaking down excess fat. You can be successful on the diet, and although it is one of the fastest diets out there it really isn't that difficult with the proper planning and understanding of the diet's requirements. Get more information about the diet here or speak to a medical provider today if you have any concerns about the diet.

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