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Getting Through the First Week of the HCG Diet

Getting Through the First Week of the HCG Diet

The First Week of the HCG Diet

Is considered to be the most difficult part of the diet because of the challenges that some people go through when adjusting to the diet. The first week of the diet is administered and overseen ty medical professionals at Nu Image Medical because once a person gets through the first week without any major problems, they are much more likely to get through the rest of the diet. The first week of the diet involves major changes to the metabolism that results in faster fat burning. The body's metabolize also adjusts to the presence of the HCG hormone and fat begins breaking down at a much faster rate than normal.

The metabolism goes through several changes

During the first week of the diet the body goes through a number of different changes. First, as mentioned previously it starts to break down fat faster than it normally would, which may result in the release of toxins and other chemicals that can become stored in fat. This is which it is important to drink plenty of water during the first week of the diet, and why it is also recommended for many to do the colon cleanse during Phase 1 of the diet. The colon cleanse can prepare the patient for some of the toxins that may be released when they start losing weight. Eventually the body adjusts to the changes but the critical first week has its share of challenges.

Some people experience symptoms

Although it is rare, some people experience symptoms during the first week of the diet. Their symptoms may vary from mild to moderate. Some of the symptoms include cold like symptoms such as headache, fever, malaise (a general feeling of unease), sore throat and other symptoms that may make you feel like you are coming down with something. You may not be sick but your body may be convinced that you are and the effect is the same; you start to experience a wide range of different illness symptoms. The best way to avoid this is to follow the proper protocol with the diet.

You may need to meet with a medical professional

Having a medical professional to help you get through the early parts of the diet can be very effective because they will explain any unique medical circumstances to you in detail and ensure that you are fully aware of them before starting the diet. There are many different situations that can make the first week of the diet harder for some people, for instance some people may not be able to reduce their calorie intake to a low level without symptoms. Those people may be able to try a modified HCG diet or a different weight loss option. Most people can get through the first week without any issues and can maintain themselves on the VCLD for a minimum of 23 to 43 days without major side effects or health problems.

Be sure to prepare for the diet

Prior to starting the diet, you should have a detailed review of the diet protocol and be sure to ask your medical provider any questions that you have at all. You may need to prepare recipes and get food ready for the diet, and you may also have to go over the details of the diet before you feel adequately prepared. Remember that the protocol is not simple and there are several seemingly minor details that you must follow that can throw the diet off if you ignore them. Always be sure to follow the protocol thoroughly and ask questions before you change anything about it. Also, when you know the dietary requirements well you are less likely to break the protocol with an incorrect food choice.

Avoid exercise at all costs

You will probably hear it from your medical provider but you must avoid any form of exercise during the first week of the diet, even during the gorging days of the diet where you are eating as many different fatty foods as you can. You need to avoid it because exercise can throw your metabolism off almost entirely and can definitely affect your health negatively when you are on the VLCD. The low calorie intake does not accommodate any major physical activity, and exercise will be extremely difficult if you attempt it while dieting.

Drink enough water

You will be reminded of this as well, but you need to drink as much water as you can during the critical first week. Water will flush out toxins that are being released initially and it will help you stay hydrated as your body adjusts. You may experience some symptoms like an upset stomach and drinking plenty of water will help with those symptoms as well. It will help you stave off the hunger and feel fuller with every meal. There are plenty of other health benefits for drinking water so there is enough incentive, and you should try to drink spring water or water that has been adequately filtered, not just tap water.

Experiment with different recipes

Use your creativity to come up with original recipes and it doesn't have to be extremely difficult to do this. Nu Image Medical provides you with several great recipes for the HCG diet that you can experiment with, and you should use the recipes that you are most likely to eat. Remember that you are doing this diet for yourself and you can adjust the recipes however you see fit, as long as you don't deviate from the protocol.

There are several great recipes for dessert options that you can try, as well as snacks to stave off hunger. This blog also has several great tips for staying full on the diet including strategies on how to break your meals up, how to ensure that you have enough food at all times by cooking ahead of time and more.

Any time you aren't sure about the diet or if you have any problems you can speak to one of the support staff at Nu Image Medical and they will be happy to give you advice and help you through any particular issue you are having. It is much easier to complete the diet when you have help to get through it, and once the first week is finished you will find that the rest of the diet is much easier. Nu Image Medical gives you a complete protocol that makes it easy to finish the diet, and with our leading customer support and medical expertise you are guaranteed to have the best dieting experience with us.

For more information on how to get started with the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical click here.

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