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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

Getting the Most Out of the HCG Diet

Getting the Most Out of the HCG Diet

Getting the Most Out of the HCG Diet

If you decide to go on a round of the HCG diet, you want to lose as much weight as you can, and there are several ways that you can maximize your weight loss whether you decide to do the three week diet or the six week diet. The HCG diet when properly followed can result in weight loss of up to one pound per day, but this is often not the case because dieters often cheat or otherwise mess up on the protocol. With the proper preparation, dieters can lose the largest amount of weight during Phase 2 which is the very low calorie diet phase and most importantly maintain their weight loss during Phase 3 and beyond.

Preparing for the diet

A large part of the preparation for the diet involves learning the diet protocol, getting familiar with the food list for Phase 2 and 3, and preparing a list of recipes At Nu Image Medical we provide you with an updated protocol that can be read in just a few hours and is one of the most concise and accurate HCG diet protocols available anywhere. If the patient asks his or her medical provider questions prior to starting the diet and takes initiative by learning the protocol, they are less likely to cheat during the diet or slip up accidentally by including banned foods during Phase 2.

Any changes to the diet or protocol will slow weight loss down

One thing that dieters must remember is that any changes to the diet protocol will slow the rate of weight loss down, sometimes tremendously. The diet protocol was developed after several years of clinical research backing it, and since it was first brought into existence in the 1950s it has been refined, although because of the fact that the original diet protocol was so accurate and effective it has not been altered much by most providers. The protocol that is included with Nu Image Medical's HCG diet program is a condensed and user friendly version of the diet that is very easy to pick up.

Changes to the diet should be approved upfront

Some dieters feel the need to make changes to the diet protocol for various reasons, such as adding in more protein per meal or other seasonings, but any changes to the diet should be first approved by a medical provider. In most cases, changes to the diet are unnecessary and will end up slowing down the rate of weight loss because fat metabolism on the HCG is sensitive to several of the foods that have been banned. There may be a legitimate medical circumstance that requires the diet to be modified or a different weight loss method to be attempted, but that is why Nu Image Medical performs a full medical evaluation at the start of every diet.

Accurate record keeping is important

Once dieters get through Phase 2, they should be sure to keep accurate records of their weight every morning, and ideally they should keep a record of all of their meals throughout Phase 2 and 3. Maintaining a record of weight is important because as foods are being added back into the diet, weight gain is the most likely to occur, and dieters can pinpoint specific trouble foods that are causing them issues. Everyone has   a unique metabolism with different food tolerances; for instance some people can tolerate dairy products and won't gain much weight if any at all when eating full fat dairy products, while other people may have a lactose sensitivity and gain weight from dairy or may have an allergy to it. Regardless of what the problem is, good record keeping will help the dieter or his or her medical provider narrow it down.

Have a group of favorite HCG diet recipes

Another important strategy for success on the diet is to have a group of favorite recipes available during Phase 2 and 3. A Phase 2 recipe list is the most important because at this stage of the diet you will have the fewest number of food selections, and you must adapt to these limited food selections quickly. You won't be able to snack as much as you're used to, so preparing your recipe list ahead of time will help you plan your daily meals out and space out your allowed calories so that you aren't eating too many or too few at once. The best thing to do is to use a calorie counter of some sort so that you almost exactly how many calories are in each meal, and come up with a list of appealing recipes before you even start the diet. At Nu Image Medical we provide you with a recipe book and we regularly release HCG diet recipes on our blog.

Take an active approach and ask questions

Your medical provider at Nu Image Medical is available directly to you during the first week of the diet and during this time period you can ask them as many questions as you would like and learn about the diet. Try to get any areas that you aren't sure about clarified so that you exactly what the diet is about before starting it. The HCG diet has several unique requirements such as avoiding the use of foods and cosmetics that can possibly interfere with the hormone, and you need to know exactly how the protocol works along with the food list. The more questions that you ask, the more familiar that you will become with the diet, so take advantage of the fact that you will have access to a medical provider during the first few days of the diet.

Use the right diet program

The most important thing to do is to find the right HCG diet program, and Nu Image Medical offers one of the best and most competitively priced programs available anywhere. Our program allows you the safety of being able to try the diet under the oversight of medical professionals, and it has been carefully designed by medical experts. The quality of the hormone is also very important; if you use a diet program that has low quality HCG, it is possible that their product can cause adverse effects or other issues with your weight loss. By using the diet program at Nu Image Medical you are protecting your own health and getting all of the benefits that you would get from purchasing the diet program from one of your local doctors, without the high cost that comes with it.

The HCG diet can help you safely lose up to 1 pound per day when you prepare for it and spend a little bit of time to learn how it works, and the three or six week diet program at Nu Image Medical is one of the most popular 100% online diet programs available. For more information about the diet program at Nu Image Medical, click here to ask a medical provider questions about the diet or to get started with an order today.

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