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Exercising on the HCG Diet : Good or Bad? Will exercise help or hurt weight loss on HCG?

Exercising on the HCG Diet : Good or Bad? Will exercise help or hurt weight loss on HCG?

Exercising on The HCG Diet: Good or Bad?

One of the biggest HCG questions we receive from HCG dieters is, "Will exercise help or hurt weight loss on HCG?" Exercise and dieting are commonly associated together, and the HCG diet should be no different, right? We've all been taught that there are no real lasting ways to lose weight other than good ole fashioned diet and exercise, and you can't be successful without one or the other. Although, there is a lot of truth to this statement, the HCG diet is a good bit different than the "normal diet" especially when it comes to exercise. Here's an in depth look on how exercise fits into the HCG diet...

Most HCG dieters have heard that exercise on HCG is to be avoided during the diet. No matter what form of HCG you choose: injections, drops, pellets, etc. this rule applies to the HCG plan as a whole. What dieters don't often understand about the "no exercise on HCG rule" is exactly why they don't need to exercise, and what will happen if they do.

Why Exercise on HCG can be a BAD thing...

#1 It can make you gain weight. Yep, that's right. Exercise on HCG can actually make you GAIN weight. How, you may ask? Well, intense exercise and/or toning and lifting (which is what most HCG dieters tend to do to prevent sagging skin) can add muscle mass. Muscle mass gained at any other time or on any other diet can be a good thing, but on HCG added muscle mass can make things a bit confusing.. Muscle is healthy and an important part of achieving a strong, lean, figure, but muscle actually weighs heavier than fat. And on diet, like HCG, where even 0.2 lbs makes a difference each morning, this can be extremely confusing and often makes HCGers second guess there food choices, water intake,.... everything. In other words, it can make HCG dieters feel like their doing something wrong, or worse, they can begin to feel frustrated or defeated that they are not losing or are gaining even while doing their best to stick to the diet perfectly. Talk about disappointing one wants to eat a mere 500 calories a day for several days only to find that they've actually gained weight.

#2 You can get mighty hungry. One of the biggest reasons people often quit the HCG diet prematurely is because they're just plain hungry. Now, don't misunderstand me, the HCG diet is a low calorie food plan, but HCG dieters should not really experience hunger while on the diet if it is being done correctly. The first few days on the 500 calorie protocol can be a little more challenging as your body is going through some mild carb-withdrawals, etc, but for the most part, HCG dieters don't typically having a problem sticking to the diet. Adding exercise, on the other hand, is where many HCGers tend to go wrong, unfortunately. Exercise increases the metabolism considerably and while in other diets is considered a good thing, on the HCG diet can prove disastrous. Improving the metabolism is actually one of the best perks of completing the HCG diet. However, this is done by a chemical rebooting of the hypothalamus gland in the brain. Over stimulating the metabolism too early on in the diet, while calories must be restricted, can cause extreme hunger and unbearable hunger pangs that almost almost always leads to some form of cheating.

#3 It will zap your energy. Think you don't have much energy now? Try adding in exercise on HCG, and you will be suddenly surprised at how much less energy you will have to complete other simple every day activities. Typically, routine exercise has great energy producing benefits, but on HCG when your body is running on such low amounts of "fuel" you may find yourself more tired than usual, and this can make focusing or getting a job done that much harder.

#4 You won't lose more weight. It's a common misconception on HCG that if you add exercise to your daily regime that you will lose more weight. Some dieters even see it as a quick fix after a cheating episode. In other diets, calories burned equals calories lost, but the HCG diet works completely differently, and trying to overcompensate with exercise to lose more quickly or subtract from added calories  will not work, and will almost always prove disappointing. Losing well with HCG is all about following the selected foods in their approved amounts. If you make a mistake, figure out what you did wrong, and do your best to stay on track as much as you can. Trying to burn off calories through exercise will only make hunger worse and weight stalls more probable.

Exercise should not be completely excluded from the HCG diet....For example, a mild 30 minute daily walk is often recommended while on the 500 calories, but this is not necessary for calorie burning but rather more for stress relief and also help you get accustomed and used to scheduling in some activity into your day.On the other hand, if you are already have a very strenuous job or must be pretty active (and you have no choice) then you may want to rethink adding any more unnecessary activity into your day. When the HCG diet is over, some activity or exercise will be need to be resumed to help maintain weight loss or even help shed a few more pounds should that be your ultimate goal.

Now, there can be some gray areas when it comes to exercising on the HCG diet. If you are very active already before starting the HCG diet, some patients have reported no problems or issues with continuing some of their daily workout routines. This may purely be due to the fact that their bodies are more conditioned. However, no exercise is recommended while on HCG.

 For more questions on the HCG diet or how exercise may effect HCG, contact a Nu Image Medical representative at 888-520-3438.


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