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Don't Stuff Your Belly Like You Do the Easter Eggs

Don't Stuff Your Belly Like You Do the Easter Eggs

The Easter holiday has some of the most beloved traditions across America. Decorating and dyeing eggs, hiding plastic eggs filled with treats, pictures with the Easter bunny, and the surprises inside your personalized Easter basket are often only topped by Christmas traditions. As spring continues to bring warm sunny days and beautiful flowers, the family gathers outside after their big Sunday dinner to watch children eagerly search for eggs. Feeling nostalgic, you sit there taking it all in and reach over for another chocolate egg filled with gooey caramel. Your Easter comes to a screeching halt as you realize how much you have eaten in the last few days. The terrible pangs of overindulgence guilt hit your stomach like a brick Easter egg.

Mindless Holiday Eating

Before you feel like all hope is lost, remember that Easter hasn’t happened yet. You may have already started buying the candy and the snacks, but there is plenty of time to curb the damage or avoid it completely. Before you feel terrible about yourself, remember that the bulk of Americans are going to struggle with the same temptations and indulgences you will over the next few weeks. There will be an insane amount of chocolate and sweets readily available Easter approaches, just like the time around Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Just because your kids can enjoy it without restriction doesn’t mean you should do the same. If you have been struggling with weight loss and are following a strict eating plan, like the one for the HCG diet, this holiday could be your downfall. Here are some tips to help you survive and avoid overindulgence.

Don’t Get Trapped by “See-food”

Much of the decision to overindulgence happens over time. It isn’t a decision to sit and continually eat until our stomachs are ready to burst. The road to overeating starts one bite at a time or one snack at a time. The problem is impulse control and the see-food trap. When you see food all day long, like the bag of Easter candy or the plate of cookies, you have to continually tell yourself not to touch or not to taste. Depending on how often you walk by the kitchen or the candy dish, you have to make this decision hundreds of times a day or over the weekend. Caving in just a little is just as harmful as eating it all in one sitting. A little snack here and there or just a piece every few times you pass through has weakened resolved to avoid the item all together. It is best for you to put the temptation out of sight and give yourself a fighting chance to keep from snacking.

The see-food trap has a lot to do with your bodily response to food as well as your mental response.  Your body responds to stimuli of the senses such as smell and sight, and your pancreas often starts to release insulin the moment it anticipates a sugar fix. As your insulin levels rise, your blood sugar levels drop and make you feel hungry. You may not have touched the snack or weren’t hungry before you walked into the kitchen, but then you find yourself eating it. Keep your body from physically responding by keeping sugary snacks and treats away from where you have easy access or line of sight.

Don’t Pre-Buy Your Treats

If your family is planning a get-together or you have Easter basket ideas for your kids or partner, don’t start hoarding candy or treats around the house right now. You have plenty of time to get what you need in the day or two before your big day. When food is left around waiting to be nibbled, you will find yourself taking advantage of a snack every time your sweet tooth acts up. You may not like last-minute shopping, but a little bit of strategic procrastination could save you a few pounds.

Don’t Skip Meals

Since you know the big dinner is coming up, don’t try to skip dinner the night before or breakfast that morning in order to indulge without guilt. Saving up your calories for the big moment has never worked out, and it only makes your dieting struggle harder. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and by getting your metabolism off to a good start and giving your body the protein that it needs, you are apt to eat less throughout the day. Whether it’s Easter Sunday or the days before, you will be less tempted to snack and munch on chocolate when your stomach is already satisfied with a healthy breakfast and protein-filled meals.

Don’t get caught in the chocolate lover’s second favorite holiday. Curb that sweet tooth and be mindful about your Easter indulgences.


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