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Does the HCG Diet Work Without the Drops?

Does the HCG Diet Work Without the Drops?

Does the HCG Diet Work Without the Drops?

The most common method and widely available form of HCG is typically the HCG drops, but does the HCG diet work without the drops? And are there other methods of HCG that work just as well or perhaps better than the drops? These are common questions for potential HCG dieters when trying to determine which form of HCG is best for them and if it is going to be effective. The HCG drops tend to be the most common form of HCG. The drops are given sublingually (under the tongue), and this method of absorption allows for medication to go directly into the bloodstream. There are two factors to consider when wondering if the HCG diet works without the drops...

First of all, it is extremely important to understand that the HCG diet cannot be completed successfully or safely without HCG. Simply put, this means that a low calorie diet by itself will not render effective weight loss and can potentially be very dangerous and harmful to the body and the metabolism. HCG unlocks stored fat for energy use. This utilization of fat protects protein and precious muscle while on a small amount of calories. HCG not only helps the body get rid of hard-to-get-off fat, it serves as a protector for muscle and metabolism. These great effects only happen, however, with real, prescription HCG. Homeopathic or "hormone-free" HCG is fraudulent and not approved by the FDA for weight loss. The only way to obtain real HCG is through a US licensed physician. As long as the HCG is pure and prescription strength, it will be effective for weight loss if used correctly as prescribed.

Secondly, there are other methods of HCG besides the HCG drops that are just as effective for weight loss. These forms of HCG include the HCG injections and the HCG pellets/troches. The HCG Injections are given subcutaneously directly into the skin. This method is the most preferred and recommended method by physicians primarily because 100% of the medication gets into the body. The next best method of absorption after injection is sublingual. The HCG drops and the HCG pellets are both given this way. They are still effective for weight loss, but there can be a slight risk of losing some of the medication in the intestinal tract due to swallowing, etc. To make up for this possible loss of medication, Nu Image Medical increases the amount of HCG in the drops and pellet forms so that patient's who are not comfortable giving daily injections or who travel frequently, etc. can still have great results with the oral medication forms.

So which method of HCG is better for you? Do you still have questions? Nu Image Medical is available 24/7 to answer all of your concerns. Don't order HCG unless you know what HCG form: drops, injections, or pellets is best for you and that the product you are considering purchasing is real HCG. Call the Nu Image Medical department at 888-520-3438 to get started!

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