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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

Does the HCG Diet Work?

Does the HCG Diet Work?

Stubborn body fat such as on the stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks, might seem impossible to shed. However, if you are looking for an effective way to drop the unwanted weight, then the hCG diet is your best choice. The menu enables you to lose up to a pound or more per day. 


What is hCG? 


Compared to other weight loss plans, the hCG diet is one of the most effective ways to rapidly lose weight. The protocol revolves around the use of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The placenta of a pregnant woman naturally produces hCG. The hCG hormone forces the female body to use its fat reserves to nourish the baby without depleting the mother’s muscle mass which she will need for a safe delivery. When used as part of a dietary plan, the hCG forces your body to burn its fat reserves while supporting not only your muscles but also your energy. When used in combination with a low-calorie diet of only 500-calories per day you can expect to lose up to a pound per day easily. The fat reserves in your belly, legs, arms, and buttocks will rapidly melt away. 


How Many Pounds Will You Lose Using hCG?


The speed of weight loss does differ between individuals. Also, not all dieters strictly follow the protocol which can affect the amount of weight loss. The very low-calorie phase of the diet plan can last from 23 to 43 days. To be successful during the crucial stage, you must stringently stick to the guidelines. If you choose to undergo the 23-day hCG diet, then you can expect to lose from five to 25 pounds. You can also opt to embark on a more extended diet that can often help you lose nine pounds to 45 pounds. During the Phase Two of the hCG diet, you will lose the most weight. Phase Three is when your body learns to support its weight loss and starts to stabilize as you reintroduce your system to added foods and calories. 


The Breakdown of Fat


Losing the weight on the hCG diet is far more comfortable than other dietary plans. The use of either hCG drops, injections, or pills help suppress your appetite while your body enters a ketosis mode (starvation mode). The hCG forces your body to break down its fat reserves while boosting your energy. 


Phase Three of the hCG Diet


Phase Three of the hCG diet is just as crucial as Phase Two. Unfortunately, it is during Phase Three that many people start to slip up and are unable to support their weight loss. Rapid weight gain can occur during the transition period when you begin to introduce your body to added calories and foods because you might start to overeat or again slip into your past unhealthy habits. You must remain vigilant and focused on your weight management. Daily weighing and counting your food portions/calories are essential steps that teach you how to keep your weight loss. You must stay away from starches, sugars, and grains to manage your newfound weight loss successfully. 


HCG and a Low-Calorie Menu


The results that you achieve on the hCG diet will depend on how closely you stick to the required dietary protocol. If you diligently follow the low-calorie meal plan and use the hCG hormone you will experience rapid weight loss. Used in combination with each other, the low-calorie meal choices and the hCG help to suppress your hunger, so you avoid the temptation to cheat. Undoubtedly the first week of the hCG diet is the most difficult but once your body transitions into the ketogenic state, you will feel better and less likely to cheat. 


More Than One Round of the hCG Diet


With the hCG diet, you can expect fantastic weight loss results. Many people are so excited about the first weight loss that they decide to undergo another round of the hCG diet to shed even more pounds. 


At Nu Image Medical, the hCG diet is safe and effective. Highly trained and experienced medical professionals administer the protocol and help you every step of the way. The hCG diet from Nu Image Medical is tailored very closely after Dr. Simeons original diet. Only a few minor modifications have been implemented. 

The hCG diet is not just about weight loss but also embarking on a healthier lifestyle. To receive more information, please contact the medical professionals at the Nu Image Medical.

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