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Does the HCG Diet Have Side Effects?

Does the HCG Diet Have Side Effects?

Does the HCG Diet Have Side Effects?

You might be wondering if there are any side effects of the HCG diet before you start. The HCG diet has very few if any negative side effects, and most of the effects that you will experience on the diet will be positive. The HCG hormone is an all-natural hormone that is produced by pregnant women in large quantities without negative side effects. The HCG hormone itself is very safe and has minimal to no side effects, even for women who are not pregnant and men. The most important thing when you start the HCG diet is to pick a HCG provider that offers safe, pure and medically supervised HCG injections along with a full medical evaluation prior to starting. Nu Image Medical is one of the few if not the only HCG provide that offers you a full medical evaluation along with high quality and pure  HCG  injections.

Most of the effects of the HCG diet are positive

Most of the effects of the HCG diet are positive, and the vast majority of uncomfortable side effects will resolve on their own after the first week of the diet. The HCG diet will normally result in increased energy levels and also reduced risks of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Also, having a reduced body fat percentage and lower weight will result in several improvements in overall health including improved mobility, reduced joint strain, improvements in sleep apnea, improvements in mood, lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels, stabilized blood sugar, improved glucose tolerance, and hundreds of other positive health effects. The positive health effects of the HCG diet greatly outweigh the few harmless uncomfortable side effects that normally resolve themselves within the first week of the diet.

Most of the  side effects of the HCG diet are not from the hormone

Most of the side effects of the HCG diet are not from the hormone but are from the changes to your metabolism and from the effects of the very low calorie diet. The VLCD combined with HCG will improve your metabolism and energy levels, and you may experience a number of positive side effects once you start the diet. The negative side effects are very mild and can include headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, rashes, and constipation, and each of these side effects are easily explainable and not a source of concern unless they persist past the first week of the diet. Most of these side effects will go away after the first week, and if you have any questions or concerns about side effects during the first week you can speak with any of the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical any time. Click here to contact the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical and to get started with the HCG diet.

The VLCD may result in constipation

The VLCD may result in constipation and changes to your bowel movements because you are consuming a much lower calorie amount than you normally consume. You may have a bowel movement once every two to four days instead of every day while on the VLCD, which is normal and should not be a source of alarm. If you have not experienced a bowel movement in five to seven days however, you should use a mild natural laxative. Don't resort to using a laxative right away; first try to drink plenty of water each day, close to a gallon, and also make sure to walk approximately 20 to 30 minutes each day as well if your activity levels have been low. Exercising will help with digestion, and also be sure that you are consuming the proper required amount of fruit and vegetable servings. You can slightly increase your vegetable intake as well, as long as you stay within the 500 calorie limit. Be sure you constantly drink the required amount of a half gallon to a gallon of water and don't skip a day.

Headaches and dizziness usually resolve in a few days

The headaches and dizziness that you may experience on the diet will resolve in a few days, and won't persist past the first week. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing dizziness and headaches. The HCG diet essentially detoxes your body from the negative effects of artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and other harmful chemicals found in non-organic foods. As your body detoxifies you may experience headaches as the toxins are being eliminated from your body. You may also have dizziness as your body switches to ketosis (metabolizing fat) as its main source of fuel. Headaches may also result from your blood sugar levels being different from what you are normally used to. Again, this all resolves itself within a few days to a week and you will begin feeling normal (even better than normal) once the first week has passed, and as you burn abnormal fat.

Rashes may result from toxin release (rare side effect)

Fat is known to store a wide range of different chemicals that are fat soluble, and these toxins can be stored for a long period of time before being released when the fat is metabolized. As a result you may experience minor skin rashes. Rashes are actually a rare side effect, and if you experience them during the first week you should first be sure that you are drinking enough water to flush the released toxins from your body, and also contact the medical provider who is overseeing the diet. In many cases rashes will also resolve and they are usually mild if they ever do appear.  Irritation may also develop on a HCG injection site, which is why we recommend the injection sites to be rotated, and we provide you with detailed information on how to safely rotate injection sites to reduce skin irritation.

Note: this article is for general informational purposes only and does not apply to every HCG dieter because every person may have different side effects for different reasons. If you experience any side effects while on the HCG diet you should contact a medical professional at Nu Image Medical so that your particular side effects can be diagnosed and treated as needed.

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