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Does the HCG Diet Have Any Long Term Side Effects?

Does the HCG Diet Have Any Long Term Side Effects?

The HCG Diet Have Any Long Term Side Effects?

The HCG diet does not have any long term negative health effects, and if anything the effects of the HCG diet have only provten to be positive. The diet results in fat loss, which is always a good thing, and the hormone has been proven to be safe throughout the past five decades that the diet has been in popular use. The main reason why there is any controversy about the potential health effects of the HCG diet is due to the fact that the FDA has banned certain (but not all) HCG products. In particular, homeopathic HCG products have been banned by the FDA, which may lead some to believe that every HCG product is banned, but this is not true.

The HCG diet has been used for decades and is safe

There are very few diets that have had as much clinical research and evidence of their safety as the HCG diet. It has been in existence for over 50 years and throughout that period of time, not a single patient has suffered a death or serious health consequence stemming from the diet in the cases where the diet is medically supervised. People who self-administer the diet without getting a medical consultation definitely run the risk of having health problems, because the diet was never intended to be self-administered. There is a medical screening that must take place prior to starting the diet, and the patients who neglect this screening are taking an unnecessary risk.

Homeopathic HCG and other low quality HCG products may have negative health effects

The FDA began banning homeopathic HCG starting in late 2011 because of the many different HCG products that were being sold over the counter and online. The diet received a bad reputation at that time because these products were not produced at any licensed facilities and were potentially dangerous. There has never been any evidence that homeopathic HCG works in the same way as real HCG, and although most of the homeopathic products were thought to be little more than water, a few of them may have had harmful ingredients. Any HCG product that has not been produced in a licensed facility may indeed have both short term and long term negative health effects.

The diet has been used safely for over 50 years

One unique aspect of the HCG diet is that it has been in use for over 50 years without issues. It is one of the most proven diets and throughout this period of time there have not been any known cases of long term health problems. The evidence continues to prove that the diet is highly effective at helping people lose body fat quickly which has several positive effects. The only negative health effects that have been witnessed have resulted from people trying diets that have not been medically approved, or by using products with unknown ingredients. As long as the diet is purchased from a legitimate provider that uses pharmaceutical grade HCG with a medical clearance at the beginning, it is perfectly safe and effective.

The HCG diet reduces your long term risk of chronic illness

One positive effect of the HCG diet is that it reduces your risk of long term chronic illnesses. Again, the diet has only proven to be safe even when used multiple times, and the hormone has not shown to increase a person's risk of any particular illness. By losing body fat, your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and several other illnesses decreases. The more body fat that you, the lower your risk for these illnesses are, and on the HCG diet it is definitely feasible to lose up to one pound per day of body fat.

HCG has been used for decades in fertility treatments without issue

One thing to remember is that the HCG hormone has been used for decades for both male and female fertility treatments. The hormone is not known to be dangerous, and with these fertility treatments the dosage is usually much higher than the dosage you will be using on the HCG diet. On the diet you are using a very small dose of 125 to 200 IU per day, and at this dose there is absolutely no evidence that suggests it is dangerous or that there are potential long term health problems. When you try the HCG diet, you are participating in a diet that has decades of evidence proving its safety and effectiveness at losing weight, and you are using a hormone that is known to be perfectly safe, and you are only using it in very small amounts.

There may be a few short term non-dangerous side effects

There are occasionally a few short term non-dangerous side effects when people attempt the diet. This results from the sometimes challenging transition that occurs during the first week of the diet. A person must often transition from a diet that is high in unhealthy food consumption to an all-natural diet very low calorie diet, and this can cause some short term symptoms. The body also switches to a fat burning state called ketosis which can result in cold like symptoms for a few days. At Nu Image Medical you are under medical supervision throughout the diet and particularly during the first 7 days, and it is guaranteed to be safe in spite of a few short term side effects such as headache and fatigue.

The diet helps people lose weight in the long term

The best part of the diet is that it is designed to create long term stable weight loss. Phase 2 of the diet is the very low calorie diet phase that results in the rapid weight loss, while Phase 3 of the diet is the stabilization phase. An entire phase of the diet is dedicated to maintaining the weight loss results of Phase 2, and there is a gradual transition back into a normal diet. The diet is easy to complete and results in long term health benefits. As long as it is administered by a licensed provider it is entirely safe, because every patient receives a medical consultation and clearance at the start.

Your medical consultation will address any health concerns

If you have any chronic illnesses or conditions that may make the HCG diet dangerous, they will be addressed during your medical consultation at Nu Image Medical. The diet is definitely not for every patient, some may benefit from other weight loss methods. If the diet is not advisable we will let you know at the start of the diet, and we will also recommend other potential alternatives to the HCG diet (of which there are many). Very few companies have an actual medical staff available to answer questions and approve the diet, and this makes the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical one of the safest and most professional diet programs available anywhere. Get more information about the safe and medically supervised HCG diet program at Nu Image Medical here.

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