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Does the HCG Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Does the HCG Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Some people believe that the HCG diet can cause hair loss, but any hair loss on the diet is temporary unless there is another underlying medical condition that may be causing hair loss. The HCG diet contains a sufficient level of nutrients and vitamins to sustain you during the very low calorie diet phase if you are concerned about that, and the foods are carefully selected so that you do not experience nutritional deficiencies. The diet does not cause hair loss in the vast majority of cases, and in some cases it may cause a small amount of temporary hair loss that will fix itself once the hormone is stopped. There can be a variety of reasons for the temporary hair loss which will be discussed below.

Temporary hair loss can occur due to stress

Stress can definitely lead to temporary hair loss, and once the cause of the stress is resolved normal hair growth resumes. The diet can be stressful for some people because it can be a dramatic switch from nutritional sources, and the stress is often not just psychological but physical. The stresses that the diet can lead to are nothing to worry about because the changes that the HCG diet initiates are always positive, and the potential benefits of the diet far outweigh any stress that it may cause. It just isn't possible to lose a large amount of weight without drastic changes to your diet, and that is what the HCG diet offers you through a safe protocol that has been used for decades without problems.

Take a multi-vitamin during the diet

You can take a multi-vitamin during the very low calorie phase of the diet to ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of nutrients in your diet, even though this may not be necessary. Nu Image Medical sells a high quality multi-vitamin that has every basic vitamin and mineral that you need in the supplement bundle. They can be beneficial for maintaining your energy levels as well, and your physician may recommend this supplement if you are concerned about hair loss at all. Again, the hair loss on the diet is temporary if it does occur, and although there are no clear statistics as to how many people on the diet experience hair loss, it is thought to be a low percentage.

Control your stress levels on the diet

As previously mentioned, most of the hair loss on the HCG diet is likely due to physical and psychological stress that can occur when you rapidly change your body's nutritional sources. It is easy for both the body and brain to become addicted to unhealthy foods, and it most definitely can go through a sort of "€œwithdrawal"€Â when you make the rapid transition to a low calorie diet composed of natural foods. This withdrawal can have symptoms similar to a cold or flu, and although temporary hair loss is certainly not common, it may occur as a result of this added stress.

To ensure that your stress levels are controlled on the diet, try using a relaxation supplement such as the Stress Stop Adrenal Tea Complex Formula offered by Nu Image Medical. This is a natural tea that helps the body deal with the adrenal fatigue that occurs as a result of stress. Adrenal fatigue can lead to a wide range of symptoms including temporary hair loss, resistance to weight loss, high blood sugar and blood pressure, and many other effects. It is highly beneficial to control your stress levels when you are on the diet and after the diet has been completed, and you are far less likely to experience temporary hair loss or any of the other side effects associated with adrenal fatigue when you use a supplement such as Stress Stop along with any other stress management techniques such as yoga.

Don't start another round of the HCG diet without a resting period of six to eight weeks

If you start another round of the diet too soon, you may be risking side effects, and hair loss can definitely be one of those side effects due to the unnecessary stress that you are putting your body under. You need to have a resting period between diet cycles to ensure that you do not experience hormone insensitivity or other side effects that can result from an extended very low calorie diet. If you have recently completed Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you should wait a period of a minimum of six weeks before starting Phase 1 again. Phase 3 of the diet, or the maintenance phase, lasts for three weeks, and you should wait another three weeks before starting another round of the diet. Your medical provider at Nu Image Medical will always let you know what the recommended start time is for another round of the diet.

Keep in mind that some hair loss is natural

You should also be aware that if you experience some hair loss on the diet, it may simply be your body's natural hair cycle. There are three stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. During the telogen phase, the hair follicles shed the hair, and anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the hair follicles are in this phase at any given time. Also, during some periods of the year there are a larger percentage of hair follicles in the telogen phase, and as a result you may experience what seems like a faster amount of hair loss. If you are experience hair loss on the HCG diet, it simply may be the result of being in a period of natural seasonal hair loss, and your normal hair growth will resume when it is supposed to.

Think about the benefits compared to the temporary hair loss

The benefits of the HCG diet are tremendous; you will lose a large amount of weight and reduce your predisposition to several chronic illnesses that are associated with obesity. Your appearance will also dramatically improve and your metabolism will be corrected. There have been no known cases where patients have experienced permanent hair loss as the result of the diet, so you should not let stories of hair loss deter you from starting the diet and making a major life change that will benefit you for years to come.

If you are concerned at all about hair loss, the medical doctors at Nu Image Medical can consult with you and recommend the appropriate supplements that will help to ensure that you have minimal to no hair loss while on the diet. Again, in the vast majority of cases the hair loss is temporary unless there is another underlying condition that may be contributing to the hair loss such as male pattern baldness or another condition. If you have any questions about hair loss and the HCG diet, you can speak to a medical professional at Nu Image Medical at any time for more information or for a medical consultation.

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