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Does the HCG Diet Accelerator Work?

Does the HCG Diet Accelerator Work?

The HCG diet accelerator is a pill or supplement product sold by some HCG companies that supposedly leads to extra weight loss while on or off the actual HCG diet. There are different versions of this product available, but one popular version is an pill supplement. It is sold as a replacement for HCG drops, but there is no evidence at all that it can work as a replacement for the drops. These products are made with unknown or unsafe ingredients, and they are not approved by the FDA. If you're debating trying the HCG diet accelerator, you are much better off just sticking to the original HCG diet, as there's no reason or evidence to suggest that the accelerator will work better than the traditional diet.

There's no way speed up the weight loss on the HCG diet

The HCG diet is already designed to have the maximum amount of weight loss possible in the shortest period of time. The name is a bit misleading as a result of this, because it doesn't change how quickly you lose weight, and it may in fact slow down your normal rate of weight loss while on the HCG diet. Because there is limited evidence regarding the HCG diet accelerator, you're always better off just using the traditional HCG diet. With the cost of many HCG diet accelerator products being around the same or higher than a medically approved diet, it also makes sense to use the HCG diet.

HCG diet accelerator products don't have any active HCG in them

Most HCG diet accelerator products were created as an alternative to the hormone. This means that they don't contain any actual hormone in them. This is a problem because the hormone is what actually accelerates the weight loss on the HCG diet. Without the hormone, it's just a regular nutritional supplement that you can probably find on your own at a much lower cost. There's nothing special about the ingredients of HCG diet accelerator products, and again you have no idea if they are actually going to work or not because they don't have any active ingredients that are known to cause any kind of weight loss.

The hormone in the HCG diet speeds up the rate of weight loss by a significant amount, and without the hormone the weight loss is much slower. Not having the hormone is a major disadvantage, and it can end up slowing down the weight loss dramatically. There's no reason to not use the hormone, as it is safe and a proven weight loss aid, however the HCG diet accelerator products do not contain it. In general, for any HCG diet protocol or program, you can almost automatically assume that it is not legitimate if they do not utilize the HCG hormone, and there's no reason for the product to use the term HCG when it doesn't contain it at all. You'll see much better results when using a proven diet program that is overseen by medical doctors like the program at Nu Image Medical.

HCG diet accelerator products and programs are often not overseen by medical doctors

Another important thing to remember is that many of the HCG diet accelerator products are not overseen by medical doctors, which ends up being a major disadvantage and even a potential danger for some patients. Everyone should undergo a full screening prior to starting the HCG diet to ensure that it is safe for them. Some of the HCG diet accelerator products advise you to stick to a very low calorie diet without taking the hormone, and this can end up being quite dangerous for some patients.

The diet was never meant to be attempted without medical supervision, and when patients don't have the ability to ask questions about the diet or get advice, it can be a significant problem. HCG diet accelerator programs may also use a deviation from the traditional HCG diet protocol, which often ends up with a reduced rate of weight loss. The original HCG diet protocol is known to work and has been proven several times, but the many variations of the diet have little to no evidence that they work. There are several other significant problems that can occur as a result of using a wrong protocol, and when patients have medical problems or if they have questions they are usually unable to ask anyone for assistance when they chose a program that is not medically supervised.

HCG diet accelerators are a waste of money

Any HCG diet accelerator program is likely a waste of money and won't deliver the results that you expect. On any real HCG diet program you can realistically expect to lose 15 to 40 pounds in three to six weeks, on other diets you won't get these same results and you may have to deal with side effects and health problems related to the quality of their products. The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is overseen by licensed medical providers so there is no concern about the quality of the diet, and it is guaranteed to work as long as you are approved for it. They are well worth the cost and you don't have to worry about non-FDA approved ingredients or the quality of the product.

Like many of the HCG products available out there, HCG diet accelerators are produced by unlicensed laboratories so there is no way to judge the quality of their products. Some people experience side effects from unknown ingredients, and the potency and the purity of their products is also not guaranteed. The only safe way to try the HCG diet is by using a program that supplies you with pure pharmaceutical grade HCG. There's no other way to ensure that safety of your supplements, and if you rely on other products you are putting your health at risk unnecessarily. Again, the cost is comparable, and at the very least you'll have confidence of knowing that the diet will work for you when you use a legitimate provider like Nu Image Medical.

To learn more about the HCG diet or to ask any questions that you may have about it, click here to speak to a medical professional at Nu Image medical today.

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