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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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Does HCG Suppress Appetite

Does HCG Suppress Appetite

One of the many benefits of the HCG Diet, is the diet's ability to suppress your appetite while only consuming 500 calories.  The burning question in everyone's mind is: Does the HCG hormone suppress your appetite?  The short answer to that is: No, but the HCG Diet does.  Here's why:

The HCG's role in the HCG Diet is to help your body access your stored fat for energy, instead of your lean body mass (also known as precious muscle!).  This is why we combine the hormone with what is called a very low calorie diet.  This marriage between this 500 calorie diet and the HCG hormone is what makes up the HCG Diet.  These two components are also the reason why the HCG Diet has been shown to help patients up to two pounds a day.

Why Is The Hunger Gone?

Here's the one piece of information other providers fail to mention to their patients (Not because they don't want to, but because they just don't know.).  The reason the hunger is gone while on the HCG Diet is because of the very low calorie diet's ability to place your body in starvation mode (or ketosis).  Once your body goes into starvation mode, your body will automatically shut off your ability to feel hunger.  Once combined with the popper dosages of HCG, this very low calorie diet creates an unbelievable weight loss solution designed to help you get rid of excess fat without hunger pains.  That's it, its as simple as 123!

Now that you understand why losing weight on the HCG Diet is so easy, take advantage of this great opportunity and take full control of your life today!  Order your HCG, and let's get started on this life changing journey together.

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