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Dieting Advice to Kick to the Curb

Dieting Advice to Kick to the Curb

You may have promised yourself a new you for the new year, but if you fall into the category of the average individual, your resolutions won’t last but a few more weeks. There is no shame or judgment if you can’t deliver on your promise to craft a new and improved version of yourself since frankly, you are more than enough just the way you are.  To keep yourself more committed to being healthier and following a constructive weight loss plan, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the worst dieting advice being marketed to unsuspecting individuals.

Stick to the Low Fat Options

A few decades back, the dieting rage was to choose low-fat options, since less fat going in meant less fat sticking around. However, in a more recent study that took into account the health and eating habits of people between the ages of 35-70 from 18 different countries around the world, the overwhelming results were that people are consuming too much sugar and not enough fat. The push to have consumers choose low-fat options included bumping up the level of sweetness in order to make healthy options more palatable. Even worse, is the idea that removing all fat didn’t leave room for the good fats that the body relies on. Research has found that a balanced diet has a mixture of about 50-55% healthy carbohydrates and about 35% fat, which includes both saturated and unsaturated fats. Your body uses fats as fuel, to develop cellular integrity, to provide a hormonal balance, and to develop good brain and mental health. Plant-based fats are better options than animal products and trans fats.

Alternate Your Dieting Routine

If you have seen one fad diet commercial, you have probably seen them all. Your body’s needs are unique and not every diet will give you what your body needs. The HCG diet has received favorable attention for its ability to boost the body’s natural ability to burn through stored fat while teaching you how to eat from a restricted foods list that focuses on organic, healthy options. On the other hand, you might order a slew of supplements or spend money on shakes and powders that promise a daily nutritional value but in actuality leave you with a deficiency. Rather than switch between what seems popular or the commercially marketed product that indicates the fastest or most dramatic results, consult with your healthcare provider about a dieting or nutritional plan that can help you get the right balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Meal Replacements are Beneficial

Some of the popular dieting gurus will tell you that juicing your meal is a worthy replacement, but while juices can help boost your dose of nutrition, the process strips a lot of the fiber out of certain vegetables and fruits. Fiber is what the body uses to manage energy levels and regulate blood sugar levels, but it is also the element that helps keep your body feeling full longer. You shouldn’t stick to a juice-only approach for your diet. You need to include solid food high in lean protein, fiber, whole grains, and unsaturated or saturated fats. Too many juice cleanses or prepacked mixes contain high levels of sugar, which tell the body to produce more insulin in order to bring sugar levels back down. However, insulin also tells the body to store fat, so your efforts at weight loss are counterproductive.

Artificial Sweeteners Make It Okay

Just because an artificial sweetener doesn’t have extra calories means your consumption of a product is okay. This is especially true for diet sodas. An artificial sweetener still acts like sugar, in that it tricks your body into producing more insulin and storing excess fat. Many people switch to diet soda for the fact the sugar substitute is healthier, but this too is a dangerous dieting move. Studies have linked diet soda consumption to increased weight gain, a negative impact on gut and liver health, and an increased risk of developing diabetes. Artificial sweeteners have a similar negative impact on the gut’s microbiome, affecting both your immune system and the health of your skin.

Take a Cheat Day

Your weight goals should be challenging but not punishing. The emotional impact of restricting foods can make it more tempting to turn to comfort food. Rather than establish absolutes of dieting and one moment of weakness, keep a balanced approach to your intake. Journal your food journey and find out substitutions for areas of weakness that are less impacting your weight goals.


Being comfortable with who you are is one way to remain committed to your personal goals. Knowing that you are worth more than one bad dieting day or that extra cookie can help you maintain your focus as you work towards a healthier you.


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