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Dealing With HCG Diet Phase 2 Hunger

Dealing With HCG Diet Phase 2 Hunger
During Phase 2 of the HCG diet you will inevitably experience some hunger, especially during the first week of the diet, even though the diet is designed to minimize it as much as possible with the HCG hormone and with filling foods that are high in fiber and can lower your appetite. The HCG diet provides fast results but you will have to deal with the transition from your normal diet into a very low calorie diet. Most people get through the early period with few problems because of how effective the hormone is at helping you suppress your appetite, but if you find that you are struggling a little bit with the diet you can try some of these tips.

Drink more water from day one

From the very first day of the diet you will need to be drinking about 8 glasses of water per day, or about a half gallon of water at minimum.   You don't need to drink much more than that, and as a general rule it is a good idea to keep a bottle of water with you at all times during this phase of the diet. You'll also need to make it an effort to probably drink more water than what you're used to drinking. Just by drinking more water you will find that the initial stage of the diet is easier, because water is proven to help with lowering your appetite.

Don't be too reliant on water and be sure that you are also spacing your meals out. Before you eat any of your Phase 2 meals try to start your meal off with a glass of water; which can help to reduce your total calorie intake during the meal and during the day. Of course it also helps to drink water between meals and when you are snacking on anything like a piece of fruit or a Melba toast. Be sure to avoid using artificially sweetened drinks or other drinks to stay hydrated while on the HCG diet, as they are not an adequate substitute for water and can have a wide range of negative metabolic effects which can reduce the efficiency of your diet.

Eat more slightly more vegetables to curb your appetite

You are allowed about 1 cup of vegetables per meal on the HCG diet, but you can slightly increase this as long as you don't go over your daily calorie limit. This is one of the best and most effective ways of dealing with hunger during Phase 2 of the diet. It's much better to increase your vegetable servings rather than cheating for a meal or snacking or anything. You will have to be careful that your calories are not going above 500-550 per day maximum, and you shouldn't try to compensate for your hunger by eating more fruit or protein as both of those can cause more weight gain. You also shouldn't eat any other vegetables that are not allowed on the diet like corn, beets, potatoes or others.

But adding an extra cup of cabbage for example only adds 17 calories to your meal, and a cup of spinach has just 7 calories. This is a great source of fiber and nutrition during Phase 2 of the diet when you are strictly limited to 500 calories per day, and increasing your vegetable servings just a little bit will definitely not cause weight gain. Another strategy is to eat lower calorie per serving protein choices like fish while increasing your vegetable servings a little. In any case, when you're getting the right amount of vegetable servings during Phase 2, you are far less likely to be hungry throughout the diet and you'll most likely find that the early part of the diet is a lot more manageable.

Eat a serving of orange or grapefruit to lower your appetite

An orange or a half of a grapefruit can be used as one of your fruit servings while on the HCG diet and both of these citrus fruits are excellent for helping you control your appetite. Both oranges and grapefruits have a high amount of fiber per serving which helps to fill you up without adding calories. Several studies have associated grapefruit consumption with satiety, and it's also a good idea to start your meals on the HCG diet with a half of a grapefruit serving, as it will prevent you from eating too much during one sitting. You should also properly measure out your servings as recommended in the HCG diet protocol anyway to avoid this.

Slow your eating pace down

It also helps to slow your eating down just as a general rule when you're trying to lose weight, and taking your time with your meals on the HCG diet will make them more filling. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you've eaten something, and if you scarf down your meal before then you won't be giving yourself the opportunity to register that you've eaten. Try to slow down the pace of your meals, you won't be eating as often as you normally do so you'll have more time to prepare your meals and to relax a little bit when you're eating them, and it can actually go a long way in helping you stick to the diet.

Eat slightly more protein

You'll have to get an approval from your medical provider before doing this, but you may be able to slightly adjust the amount of protein that you eat on the diet, particularly if you have an active profession that requires you to move around a lot. This is one way that you can combat some of the hunger on the diet and stay active. You have to be careful not to overdo this as it can easily cause weight gain, and you have to limit the amount that you increase so that you aren't going over a specified calorie limit. If you are involved in an active job that requires a lot of energy you can adjust the diet with your medical provider so that you have the minimum energy that you need.

Talk to your medical provider

At Nu Image Medical we provide you with a medical consultation at the start of the diet so that you can go over any particular concerns that you may have. In most cases you can get through the diet successfully without having to make major adjustments, but you might be struggling with the diet the initially. Your medical provider at Nu Image Medical can give you specific advise for your particular situation. Everyone is different, for example some people may not be able to prepare all the proper meals for the diet and may need to purchase a meal replacement or come up with a different strategy for their meals.

You get this benefit and many others when you choose the diet program at Nu Image Medical, but of course you won't necessarily be able to ask a medical provider questions if you use another diet program. Our HCG diet is very popular because of this feature and many others, and it is also designed to be as easy as possible during the first week. With our high quality pharmaceutical grade HCG it will also help to guarantee that you get through the most challenging parts of the diet with success, as the hormone helps to suppress your appetite and provides you with as sufficient amount of energy to get through the entire diet. To learn more about the hormone diet at Nu Image Medical or to ask a real medical provider any questions you may have now, click here.


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