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Constipation on the HCG Diet

Constipation on the HCG Diet

Constipation on the HCG Diet

Are you struggling with constipation on the HCG diet? Yeah, it may be a little bit TMI (too much information) for some...and we understand that, but constipation, or the inability to have a bowel movement, is actually one of the biggest concerns people mention on the HCG diet. So, if you can bear with us for a quick moment, we'll do our best to get right to the problem and cover the issue without grossing you out too much with this post!

No judgement here, but there are many cases where weight gain occurs on the HCG diet and immediately it is attributed to constipation. And hey, if it has been a super long while since you've gone, that may very well be an accurate statement. But in most cases on the HCG diet, it just isn't. Here's why... If you're doing the HCG diet right, the amount of food consumed on the diet is very small. This means, that not a lot of waste is going to be produced. In simple terms, not much in... not much out. Every person is different, but for most people this means you probably aren't going to experience the same bowel habits you had before you started the diet. And why would you? Everything you are eating now, including the amount, has completely changed! It is completely normal  to NOT have a bowel movement for several days on HCG;  even if you are the "I have a bowel movement every day" person. And when you do go, it probably still won't be much. It might even look a little different, And that's okay. Most HCG dieters find that there is no need to take any extra action here nor do they need to be worried. And after the diet is completed, normal bowel function returns.

There are, however, a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself if you think you may be having constipation issues on the HCG diet...

Are you drinking enough water?

The required 2 Liters per day of water is not only important for hydration, to flush out fat, toxins, and excess sodium, but it also plays a key role in keeping feces soft during the diet. Think about it...on the HCG diet, you are eating A LOT of bulky, fiber filled food. Which, for some of you, may be a relatively new addition to your diet. Fiber rich foods are great constipation relievers and can help encourage bowel emptying because fiber is not digestible. However, it is an often misconception, that fiber is the only thing we need to help us go more frequently. An adequate amount of water must also be consumed to prevent these "bulky-in-nature" foods from accumulating in the digestive system. Drinking water, helps keep feces soft and thus helps move things along, so to speak.  The main reason, so much water is required on the HCG diet can be linked to this topic as well. On the HCG diet, the daily food intake is very healthy but also very limited. A lot of our daily water intake comes naturally  from the food we eat. So cutting down on calories (especially down to 500 with HCG) requires a lot of extra water replacement to keep everything in balance.  Another reason bowel activity may be slowed on the HCG diet is because we have simply slowed down in general. The HCG diet prohibits any exercise or strenuous activity, and movement stimulates bowel activity.

Still feel like you have an issue?

According to Dr. Simeons, most HCG dieters have no need for laxatives or bowel stimulants. However, if you haven't had a bowel movement in over 4 days, and you feel concerned, a suppository can be used. Some HCGers have documented that a root tea called Smooth Move has been beneficial. In extreme cases, more potent medications can be taken, such as Miralax OTC, for example. But these medications should only be used as a last resort. And remember, what you think may be constipation may not really be constipation at all and typically will resolve on its own.

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