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Cheating on the hCG Diet: How to Recover

Cheating on the hCG Diet: How to Recover

Nobody is perfect, and it does not matter how dedicated you are to the hCG diet, you still might have a cheat day and need to recover. Do not worry, even if you cheated excessively, you could still recover your weight loss momentum with a couple of plateau breakers. The main thing is not to become discouraged. You can quickly get back on track by using either a Steak Day or an Apple Day to detox your body, so your weight loss starts again. 


Cheating on the HCG Diet Causes a Weight Plateau and Stalling


After you cheat, it is common for your weight loss to suddenly stall or plateau. Following a few necessary steps gets your system back on a track, so you again start to experience weight loss. 


Cheating on the HCG Diet is Common 


Unarguably, the hCG diet is not an easy task. It is common to cheat. However, it is an effective weight loss program even if you do meet obstacles and suffer a few weaknesses. When your weight loss stalls or you gain a pound or two because of a cheat day, then you should try an Apple Day or Steak Day. 


What is an Apple or a Steak Day? 


You have two options to break your plateau after you experience a cheat day on the hCG diet: Apple Day or Steak Day.


  • Apple Day: During an Apple Day you consume nothing but six green apples and unlimited water. Try to space the apples out throughout the day to curb your hunger. The green apples help your body detoxify from your day of cheating. The apples will expertly help you get your diet back on track, so the pounds start to slip away. 


  • Steak Day:  Steak Day is usually the backup plan if Apple Day does not break the plateau. During Steak Day you will eat one green apple or tomato and one substantial part of steak for dinner. You can also drink a limitless supply of water throughout the day. 


Choose One Plateau Breaker


You should never try both the Apple Day or Steak Day on consecutive days. Use one plateau breaker and then check your weight for at least two or three days to determine if you are again losing weight. Always weigh yourself in the morning after you have used the bathroom and keep track of the weight’s number. 


Continuing the hCG Diet 


If you are concerned that you have cheated on several occasions during Phase 2 of the hCG diet, then you might not know if you should continue the process or start over. Continue the hCG diet because you can still lose weight. Even if you do not lose enough weight, then you can always opt to complete another round. At least during the second hCG diet round, you will know what to expect and know how to avoid cheating. There is always a learning curve to any diet. During a second round, you will be better able to manage your daily caloric intake, understand the food requirement and all other aspects of the menu so that you can successfully start dropping the pounds.


Know Your Weaknesses Before Starting the hCG Dietary Protocol 


Whenever you decide to commit yourself to the hCG diet plan, you must honestly evaluate your weaknesses. Many individuals just do not like cooking, so you should consider buying prepared hCG meals and meal replacements to have on hand. The meals are ideal if you are short on time or do not like to cook. Order each prepared meal directly from Nu Image Medical. Also, if you need to resist the urge of eating out at restaurants then quickly consuming a prepared dinner might help you alter your behavior before you cheat. Also, always drink enough water throughout the day, so you feel full and do not have to fight the urge to snack.


Tricks to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet 


A trick to avoid cheating is to space your meals out. Also, if you feel like you cannot overcome the urge to cheat, then you should consider turning to vegetables as your cheat food. Veggies are low in calories and create a full feeling after eating. During breakfast, you can also eat one of your fruit servings to tide you over until your next meal. 


The hCG Hormone 


The hCG hormone is always working in your system to metabolize fat. You genuinely do not need to consume more than 500 calories during Phase 2 of the diet. Much of the hunger and cravings that you experience is psychological and not physical. You merely need to remind yourself that you are not truly hungry. Many people naturally grow accustomed to eating out of boredom and not because their bodies need the added calories.


Please contact Nu Image Medical to learn more about the hCG diet and how recover after cheating.

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