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Can I inject HCG Right Before Bed?

Can I inject HCG Right Before Bed?
Some HCG dieters are concerned about the timing of their injections. The normal HCG protocol asks patients to inject the hormone in the morning for the majority of patients, but some patients may not be able to inject it in the morning. There is nothing wrong with injecting the hormone in the evening as long as it is approved by the medical provider overseeing the diet, but in some cases it may not be advisable. Injecting HCG before bed doesn't change much about how the hormone works, and as long as you inject the hormone at regular intervals (every 24 hours), you won't have any issues with injecting it right before bed. However, there may be some unwanted non-dangerous effects such as sleep disturbances, and this can vary from person to person quite a bit.

Injecting the hormone right before bed may lead to sleep problems

Some dieters have noticed that injecting the hormone right before bed can lead to sleep issues. This occurs on a case by case basis; anecdotal evidence has suggested that patients who take the hormone prior to sleeping can have sleep disturbances such as insomnia due to increased energy levels. This is because the hormone injection can lead to a surge in energy levels, and this increase in energy can cause difficulties with sleeping. Some patients may work during later shifts and sleep in the morning; those patients should take HCG in most cases prior to breakfast or soon afterward, but those who work in the morning may have sleep issues if they take HCG prior to bedtime. If a patient injects the hormone prior to sleeping and experiences regular sleep problems, they will almost certainly have difficulties with Phase 2 of the diet because of the lower energy levels that they will have throughout the day.

Taking HCG before bed is not dangerous

It is not thought that taking HCG prior to sleeping is dangerous in any way, however because of the potential sleep issues it should be avoided when possible. Some people may not experience any sleep issues at all and may prefer to take it before bed. If there are no known side effects or sleep disturbances, patients may be advised to take their hormone injection prior to sleeping if they prefer to do so. Some patients may experience different results with the diet if they inject the hormone at night; for instance they may have lower hunger levels throughout the day. Patients that do not experience major issues with taking the hormone at night and who even experience benefits from doing so can be advised to continue injecting it in the evening; but again they should not alter their injection schedules and space their injections by 24 hours at minimum.Get more information about self-injecting the hormone here.

It is more important to take the proper dose

The most important thing for the HCG diet is not when you take the hormone but to take the proper dosage of the pure hormone. There are hundreds of HCG products available on the market and the vast majority of them have been banned by the FDA because they often do not contain any real hormone in them at all. To ensure that the diet works properly and that the hormone will have a real effect on your body's metabolism, you should only purchase pure HCG from a licensed provider. The dosage for the hormone will vary from one person to another in some cases, but most people will take around 125 IU per day, and the amount of the hormone should be carefully measured by the patient's medical provider.

If your hunger levels are high, talk to your medical provider

During the first few days of the VLCD (Phase 2) you will notice that your hunger levels will fluctuate. The HCG hormone injections in the morning are designed to help you through the early parts of the diet which are often usually the most challenging due to the rapid shift to a low calorie diet. Injecting the hormone in the morning is intended to be helpful for managing hunger levels throughout the day and helping the patient through the more challenging first week of the diet. If you are finding that injecting the hormone in the morning is not helping you as much as you would expect with your hunger levels, you may be able to change to an evening injection schedule to see if it will work better for you. At Nu Image Medical you can discuss this with your medical provider during the first week of the diet and alter the injection schedule if needed.

Do not take more than the recommended dosage

You should never inject more than the recommended dosage no matter what, and if you are injecting the hormone once per day you should wait a minimum of 24 hours before your next injection. If you are changing your injection schedule based on the recommendations of your medical provider you should discuss the waiting period before your next injection with them, but in most cases you will need to let the 24 hour period pass before your next injection. Injecting more than the prescribed dose is not thought to be beneficial for the diet and it will not make the diet any easier. You never want to exceed 200 IU of HCG in a 24 hour period, and again your medical provider will discuss the recommended amount that you should be taking based on your age, weight and other factors.

You may be able to take HCG in the afternoon

You may be able to take your HCG injections in the afternoon, especially if you find that you have an energy drop off during the middle of the day. Injection HCG in the middle of the day can give you a surge of energy and may be beneficial for you, but this should be discussed with your medical provider at the start of the diet. If you take your injections in the afternoon you can avoid the issues of insomnia as well because the increase in energy levels usually only lasts a few hours. Taking your injections in the afternoon won't alter the diet in any way as long as you take them 24 hours apart at the proper dosage.

Nu Image Medical has licensed medical providers on staff to discuss your injection protocol

When you purchase the HCG diet program at Nu Image Medical you will receive a full medical consultation prior to starting the diet, and you will also be trained in how to self-inject the hormone at a specific time. Any adjustments to your injection protocol should be discussed with your medical provider at the start of the diet. If you plan on changing anything about your injections, you should first receive the clearance from your medical provider or there may be consequences with the effectiveness of your diet. You may be able to make adjustments like switching to an evening or afternoon injection protocol, but the majority of patients will be injecting their hormone in the morning for the fastest weight loss  results on the diet. If you are interested in starting the diet or learning more about it, get more information about the high quality HCG diet offered by Nu Image Medical and how the home self-injection protocol works here.

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