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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

Buy HCG Online

Buy HCG Online

You've finally decided to buy hcg online to change your life for the better.   We've all reached that point where we have to make a change now.   We are excited to see you finally make the jump into a brand new life.   You will not regret it.   But before you decide to take that pivotal step, there are some time things you must know before buying hcg online, or anywhere for that matter.


Number One: Whom are you going to buy HCG online from?

A good portion of the people that come to our hcg diet miami center, or go through our online program, have at one point or another fallen victim to these HCG Diet Drops scam.   Understand one thing!   There is no hcg in these drops.   We understand that the low-ball prices are hard to pass and seem like a small risk, but that is not the case.   When buying these drops, all you are getting is a bottle of water. Yes, a bottle of water with no hcg whatsoever.

Medical hcg can not be purchased online unless you go through a medical program supervised by U.S licensed physician, and the hcg is obtained from an FDA approved pharmacy.   This means one thing, what these scam artists are selling you is illegal and should be reported to the FDA.

Since these products (hcg drops) have no hcg in them, the weight you will lose will be lean mass and not fat.   The science behind the hcg diet works this way:   The presence of hcg in your system will reset you hypothalamus, which will in turn cause your body to use your stored fat as energy.   That combined with a very low calorie diet, will help your body rid itself of unnecessary fat.   When there is no hcg present in the product you're consuming, all you are doing is burning your lean muscle, and negatively affecting your metabolism.   The result will be a much lighter you, that's, of course, until your body regains regains the weight.   Please understand that before you decide to buy hcg online.

What diet program do they recommend?

Before you decide to buy hcg online, please look into their diet program.   Some places love to say that you can get great results on an 800 calorie diet.   That is not the case! This is just another way to trick you into buying their product.   The original hcg diet protocol calls for a 500 calorie diet.   That diet is proven to deliver optimal results. Don't be fooled.

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