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Best Food Choices for Phase 3

Best Food Choices for Phase 3

Once you reach Phase 3 you deserve a congratulations as you have battled through the 26 or 46 day VLCD and have probably lost more weight than you ever thought was possible. Now comes the tricky part; you need to maintain that weight loss and ensure that you don't put any pounds back on as you add more of the foods that you previously ate back in your diet. Phase 3 is sometimes overlooked because you might think that the hardest part of the diet is the VLCD, but Phase 3 is also challenging because you'll still have to restrain yourself from eating the foods that previously caused weight gain.

Although HCG does reset your hypothalamus and changes your appetites, you still might be tempted to eat   unhealthy foods for reasons such as emotional eating, stress, or random cravings. To maintain the results that you achieved during Phase 2 you will have to be very strict, just as strict as you were during the VLCD, and you will have to make careful food choices that will not affect your now improved metabolism. Below are some food choices that you should consider purchasing for Phase 3, and these foods are approved in the HCG diet protocol.

Good protein choices for Phase 3 foods include:

  • All types of fish and shellfish including salmon, sardines, flounder, tuna, trout and others
  • All types of meat including chicken, beef, veal and turkey

Good fruit choices for Phase 3 include:

  • All berries including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and others
  • Honeydew, cantaloupe and other melons
  • Oranges, nectarines, grapefruits and all citrus fruits
  • All varieties of pears and apples
  • Peaches and plums

There are several fruits and vegetables that you can start eating during Phase 3, and you should try to include as many of them in your diet as you can. Although every fruit is allowed you should be careful to limit your intake of   very sweet fruits that are high in sugar and starch like bananas, dates, and guava. If you do eat these fruits eat smaller quantities, but stick to fruits with a low glycemic index if you are not sure which ones to eat.

Vegetables choices for Phase 3 include:

  • Basically every type of vegetable with the exception of yams, corn, plantains and other vegetables that have starch. These vegetables are high in carbohydrates and can contribute to weight gain.
  • Aside from the starchy vegetables, eat as much as you want of other vegetables like radishes, all types of lettuce, spinach, alfalfa, bok choy, cucumbers, endive, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, artichokes, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, kale, okra, olives, squash, tomatoes, greens, and virtually any other vegetable.

No matter what foods you decide to eat, you should follow the diet protocol guidelines for food choices during Phase 3. You can also start incorporating certain healthy oils into your diet and fats like avocados, but the most important thing to do is to avoid carbohydrates and starches. You should also avoid legumes, nuts, oatmeal and cereals. All of these carbohydrates can shock your body and cause it to gain fat. Again you should try to get most of your calories from fruits and vegetables, and you have an almost unlimited number of these to choose from so you can come up with creative recipe ideas or use our HCG recipe book that you receive in your diet package.

Strongly consider the Ultra Burn Program to help you through Phase 3

The Ultra Burn Program is an optional add on that will help you maintain the fat loss results that you achieved with Phase 2, even if you slip up on Phase 3 and eat carbohydrates. The Ultra Burn Program is especially important to include with Phase 3 if you feel that you might slip up. The Ultra Burn Program will provide you with important nutrients and keep your energy levels high during this critical phase.

It's also important that you use the Ultra Burn Program if you are considering a second round of HCG treatment, and it is an all-natural mix of amino acids and vitamins that will help you continue to burn excess fat and maintain your metabolism to prepare for a second cycle of the diet. The mixture is injected once every other day, and it will improve your health with a proprietary blend of natural nutrients and supplements that was developed by medical doctors. For more information on the Ultra Burn program, click here.

Use a Steak Day when you gain over 2 pounds

As outlined in the diet protocol, you goal is to maintain the weight you had on the last day of dosing. You can only gain a maximum of 2 pounds over that weight. You need to carefully measure your weight right after you wake up each day, and if you hit 2 pounds or more in weight gain you need to have a Steak Day where you have no breakfast or lunch and a large steak for dinner with an apple. Also, a Steak Day is the only reason why you should be eating less than your recommended daily number of calories during Phase 3.

Don't try a VLCD during Phase 3

Do not try extending the very low calorie diet of Phase 2 into Phase 3 or you run the risk of seriously harming your metabolism. Be sure to eat the recommended number of calories based on your physical activity level, age and other factors, and if you are not sure what this number is you should speak to a medical professional, but it is generally within the range of 1,800 to 2,600 calories per day. Some people such as athletes may require more calories, but most people will fall into that range. Always stop the VLCD on the last day of Phase 2, even though you may feel like it's worth it to continue. Remember that you can use a Steak Day if you need to lose weight during Phase 3, and if you make the right food choices you usually won't have any problems at all maintaining your weight because your fat burning metabolism will be working at a higher efficiency than before.

If you want to continue the HCG diet all you have to do is make it through Phase 3 plus an additional 3 weeks of rest and then you can start another round, and again if you are concerned that you might put the weight back on just use the Ultra Burn Program during Phase 3. Always wait 6 weeks prior to starting another round of treatment to avoid building up an immunity to HCG. Get more detailed information on how to start the HCG diet here.


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