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Are Your HCG Products KILLING You? You Better Read This

Are Your HCG Products KILLING You? You Better Read This

Are Your HCG Products KILLING You?

If you aren't sure where your HCG came from you should know that it might not be as safe as you think, and there is even a chance that it has dangerous ingredients added to it. Recently there have been serious concerns about the quality of HCG products that are produced overseas or in unlicensed pharmacies.

With the high level of interest in the diet several companies have been launched that sell low quality hormone products without requiring a prescription. Because of this, you have to be extremely careful when you purchase HCG injections, drops or anything else that claims to have the hormone in it. There are serious risks to your health if you purchase imported products created at an unlicensed pharmacy.

There are risks when you purchase imported HCG products

There is no way to regulate the quality of  HCG when it is produced overseas. The "€œlab"€ where you think your hormone is being produced could actually be someone's basement and you would have no idea without investigating it yourself.

There have been numerous recalls of medications, cosmetics and hygiene products produced in China with unsafe methods or with toxic ingredients. For example one company in China produced toothpaste that contained poisonous diethylene glycol which was used as a less expensive substitute for glycerin. The toothpaste was recalled quickly in 2007 before there were any known deaths.

In another case the recall did not occur quickly enough. A Panamanian pharmaceutical company used what they thought was glycerine to produce cough syrup. It turns out that the Chinese imported product was actually diethlyene glycol, and it resulted in an estimated 365 deaths.

This doesn't mean that every manufacturer in China or India is producing its medication unsafely. The danger happens when your overseas source is questionable. Unfortunately there is simply no way to know whether or not the HCG you are purchasing is safe or not, unless you purchase it from a licensed American pharmacy or from an online provider that uses a U.S. pharmacy.

Never buy HCG from a questionable source

So when you buy human chorionic gonadotropin anywhere you have to take a few precautionary steps. If the company you purchase your hormone from sells it to you without a prescription, it is a huge red flag. The hormone should never be sold without a medical evaluation and a prescription.

Any pharmacy or company that sells you human chorionic gonadotropin without asking for a prescription is doing so recklessly and illegally. There is also a good chance that they have purchased some or all of their products from a questionable source in China or India as a way to save money.

You should also be extremely careful with low priced HCG products and programs. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. There's no reason to take any risks with your health at all, and it is well worth it to spend a little more and purchase the hormone from a licensed pharmacy in the United States. You won't have to worry about potentially dangerous side effects or toxic ingredients.

Be careful of any product labeled "homeopathic"

Also, anything labelled "€œhomeopathic HCG"€ is another huge red flag. The FDA has made it illegal to sell homeopathic HCG. Many homeopathic products have also been diluted to the point that they no longer contain any hormone in them at all. These products are also often produced at overseas facilities that have little to no oversight.

The only way to ensure that you are getting pure, safe and sterile pharmaceutical grade  HCG  is to purchase it with a prescription from a licensed domestic pharmacy. There are a small number of diet programs that obtain their injections and drops from legitimate U.S. pharmacies.

If the program requires a prescription and can give you information on where the hormone is produced in the U.S. then there are no worries about the safety of the hormone. Otherwise if you aren't sure about where your HCG injections or drops came from, it's best to toss them and purchase real pharmaceutical grade HCG from a legitimate provider.

Nu Image Medical provides all of its HCG products from a licensed pharmacy in Florida, but only after you have received a full medical evaluation and a prescription for the hormone. We are one of the only diet programs to offer all of these services to ensure your safety, and to get more information on how to purchase pure, high quality HCG, click here.

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