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Are HCG Diet Drops or Injections Better

Are HCG Diet Drops or Injections Better
If you've been trying to figure out whether to try HCG diet drops or injections, you should know that both options can work for you as long as you pick the right product, and that one isn't necessarily better than the other for the HCG diet. Although the diet has been heavily tested with the injections, the sublingual drops have been proven to be just as effective, and at Nu Image Medical they are guaranteed to work just the same as the injections. The drops can be more convenient for you based on your schedule and your willingness to self-inject the hormone, but if you want the most proven results on the diet you might want to consider the injections for some of the reasons below.

Injections are preferable if you can manage them

Because most of the studies on the HCG diet have been performed with HCG injections, it's better to use them when you can. They are known to have an almost immediate effect and you'll most likely see faster weight loss results. The injections are known to be effective because they directly increase your blood concentration of HCG hormone, and although the drops do the same thing, they increase blood levels of the hormone more gradually. The concentration of hormone is higher in drops because although most of the hormone will be absorbed, a small amount may not be.

Although the injections might take a few tries to learn how to use, at Nu Image Medical we provide you with details on how to safely self-inject the hormone at home. It only takes a few minutes each day and the results that you may get with the injections is well worth the extra effort. They are hardly painful, but in some cases you may want to use the drops if you don't have the time for the injections or if you are needle shy. The drops are available as a good alternative and they are just as effective as long as you take the recommended amount. If you can manage the injections you will very likely find the diet to be easier and you may find the diet to be substantially easier.

Be sure that you purchase pharmaceutical grade HCG no matter what

The most important thing is to ensure that you are purchasing pharmaceutical grade HCG whether you choose drops or injections. The only way to guarantee that the drops will work is to purchase the right hormone product; both the injections and the drops will fail if you don't buy them from a legitimate provider. That's why it's so important to do your research and buy from a provider like Nu Image Medical that uses a licensed pharmacy to issue its hormone products, and only will issue them after you've been given a medical consultation and received a prescription.

If you choose to buy non-pharmaceutical grade HCG you run the risk that the hormone won't work for you at all, and you may have side effects or other health problems from those products. You can tell if a provider is selling non-pharmaceutical grade HCG because it will be available to you without a prescription, you won't have to go through any kind of medical evaluation to get the hormone, and it may be labeled as something like "€œHCG peptides"€ or "€œhomeopathic HCG"€. Avoid these products completely if you want to guarantee that the diet will work for you, and stick to hormone products that are issued by licensed medical providers like Nu Image Medical. You'll get much better results on the diet whether you decide to purchase drops or injections and you won't have to worry about side effect and other problems.

Don't purchase either option without a full diet protocol

You should also be careful to avoid purchasing either the HCG drops or the injections with a full diet protocol with them. There are several companies that have started selling the drops or injections by themselves, without any guidance on how to use them and without the HCG diet. You will need to have a customized protocol that has been modernized and updated with the latest science and research, but one that is also still based on the original Simeons protocol. You'll need an accurate diet protocol to use with either the drops or injections because they are designed only to work with a low calorie diet that is based on the original Simeons diet.

If any provider sells you the hormone without the diet protocol, the chances are that the hormone won't work for you in any situation. Remember that the hormone is designed to assist your body with fat metabolism when you are on a low calorie diet. It can reduce your symptoms and make the diet a lot more tolerable. With the right protocol and a high quality set of injections or drops the HCG diet will be as easy as possible with very few if any side effects, but you are taking a major risk when you purchase a product that hasn't been approved by licensed medical providers. Again, the most important thing is to purchase drops or injections that are pharmaceutical grade and give to you by prescription.

Talk to a medical provider if you have any questions about injections

If you have any specific questions about injections such as how to use them, when to use them, times when you shouldn't inject the hormone, and other questions at all, talk to a medical provider. Don't rely on the information on the internet because you'll find hundreds of different opinions from people who have no business giving advice on the HCG diet or how to use HCG hormone products. The HCG diet is perfectly safe when you pick the right diet from a company that will sell you pharmaceutical grade HCG that has been tested and guaranteed to be pure, so you should be careful to only purchase the diet from a licensed company. As long as you purchase the diet from a legitimate company like Nu Image Medical you can trust in the quality of the products, whether you decide to use HCG drops or injections. If you have any questions at all about the HCG diet drops or injections, contact Nu Image Medical today to speak to a representative or a medical provider.

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