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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

About the Safety of the HCG Diet

About the Safety of the HCG Diet

Safety of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a safe and highly effective way to lose a substantial amount of body fat and weight in a period of just 26 to 46 days. There are sometimes questions regarding the safety of the diet because of concerns regarding the VLCD's (very low calorie diet) calorie restrictions or concerns about the safety of HCG. The HCG diet is safe for everyone and results in a safe and impressive weight loss of anywhere between 0.2 to 1 pound per day.

There are very few if any other diets that can provide similar results safely. The HCG diet is unique due to its ability to utilize the hormone HCG for extra energy. The HCG diet is safe because of the presence of the HCG hormone which ensures that the body has adequate nutrition to sustain the very low calorie diet for a period of approximately three to six weeks. Not only is the diet safe, but the vast majority of people who participate in the diet experience lift changing positive benefits including improved energy levels, lower body fat, an improved metabolism, and many other health benefits. Learn more about the health benefits and safety of the HCG diet.

The HCG diet should only be attempted under medical supervision

Although the diet is completely safe, there are considerations to take into account like a person's current health status, medications that they may be on, and other considerations prior to starting the diet. That is why prior to starting the HCG diet, you absolutely must be evaluated by a medical professional and cleared. The consultation is generally not lengthy or elaborate; it is a simple process that normally results in approval for the diet.

Although the HCG diet completely safe, even for people who are on medications and who have chronic illnesses, it is necessary to go through a patient's medical history and current health status before they are approved to go on the diet. The vast majority of people are approved for the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical, but in some cases another form a weight loss may be more effective than the HCG diet. We will screen you to ensure that you can benefit from the HCG diet

The HCG diet should never be attempted without medical supervision and consultation. HCG vendors who offer the diet and hormone without medical staff members run the risk of starting someone on the diet who may need particular advice regarding their health conditions prior to starting the diet.

You cannot approve yourself for the HCG diet and train yourself in all of the important details regarding safe injection procedures. A medical professional will be able to give you unique advice regarding how you should approach the HCG diet if necessary and help you pick the right program length. Anyone who is interested in the HCG diet should only obtain HCG injections, pellets or drops from a provider with medical professionals on staff. At Nu Image Medical we offer this unique benefit that most other HCG providers that you will find cannot. Get a medical consultation and get started with the HCG diet now.

The HCG hormone is safe to use

Some people may be concerned with supplementing with a hormone, however HCG has never shown to have major side effects and it is safe to use. A very small dose of 125 to 200 IU is used on the HCG diet, and several million IUs of HCG are produced by pregnant women without any effects at all. HCG is a natural hormone and dieters benefit from the natural results that it has on the body, unlike other supplements that may have artificial ingredients that cause a wide range of negative side effects.

With the HCG hormone, a dieter can safely lose weight and most dieters experience substantial weight loss. The HCG hormone burns up to 2000 calories of fat per day, while the VLCD supplies the basic amounts of vitamins and minerals that a person needs for their everyday life.

The HCG diet incorporates healthy and safe foods

The vegetables, fruits and protein choices allowed on the HCG diet are very healthy and were carefully selected to reset your metabolism, improve your overall health and provide enough vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy throughout the duration of the diet. Although you may experience some symptoms of hunger during the first few days of the diet, those symptoms tend to quickly change, and most of the appetite side effects that you will experience are the result of cravings for unnatural and unhealthy foods.

By consuming the organic whole foods that are allowed on the HCG diet you will detoxify your body from the effect of synthetic foods, hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful compounds that are found in a modern diet. Essentially, the HCG diet is not only safe, but is even safer than a person's normal diet if they are consuming foods that have   preservatives, antibiotics, hormones and other unnatural ingredients.

The HCG diet is only three to six weeks long

The diet's timeframe is carefully selected to last only three to six weeks, because the maximum results are seen within this amount of time, and there are no lasting effects of maintaining the VLCD beyond six weeks. People who have over 15 pounds to lose would normally try the six week program, and most of those people would see weight loss that exceeds 20 pounds or more. Those who try the HCG diet are always thrilled with the results and we have not had anyone report any major problems with our HCG diet protocol.

At Nu Image Medical we have medical professionals who will guide you all the way through your HCG diet and provide you with valuable support. We offer you a detailed consultation to ensure that the diet is right for you, and we answer any questions that you have for seven days. We also provide you with detailed instructions on how to use the self-injectable hormone if you decide to go that route, otherwise you have the option of taking the HCG drops or pellets. Our HCG diet is scientifically valid and based on the clinically proven Simeons protocol. For more information on how to get started with the HCG diet today, click here.

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