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About the HCG Diet Food List

About the HCG Diet Food List

The HCG Diet Food List

Is comprised of specific foods that are designed to not cause any difficulties while on the diet, and the list of foods is actually quite small and can be easily memorized. The HCG diet food list includes protein, vegetables and fruit, but does not include many grain products with the exception of Grissini breadsticks and Melba toasts, both of which are limited to two pieces per day of either one. As you can see the diet is very limited in carbohydrates, and the food list emphasizes foods that are very filling but low in calories, such as high fiber vegetables and fruits. The diet also emphasizes drinking large amounts of water; upwards of a half-gallon to a gallon per day, which helps with digestion and with satiety during the diet.

The foods on the HCG diet do not interfere with the hormone

One important point to note is that the foods that have been selected for the HCG diet do not interfere with the effectiveness of the hormone. This means that the body's fat metabolism is boosted while on the diet with the unique metabolic effects of the HCG hormone, and that the foods will help the hormone burn abnormal fat. The food list was carefully selected after several years of experimentation, and foods actually help the body burn abnormal fat. Having an optimal fat metabolism rate is essential for losing the largest amount of weight in the shortest period of time, and the people who stick to the HCG diet food list as closely as possible always end up losing the largest amount of weight, assuming that they follow their injection protocol properly. It is important to avoid cheating or changing the food list while on the diet, as cheating can have significant effects on the rate of weight loss and more.

There are a limited number of fruits on the diet

The food list limits the number and type of allowed fruits on the diet to just five: apples, oranges, strawberries, lemons and grapefruit. You are allowed two servings of each type of fruit per day, and the fruit servings can be eaten with meals or separately as snacks. Many people choose to eat a serving of fruit along with tea or water and possibly a breadstick for breakfast, and also snacking on fruit during the day. The fruits on the HCG diet have been proven to be effective at assisting with weight loss, and they are very low in calories. A half of a grapefruit counts for one serving, as does a medium green apple, an orange, or a handful of strawberries (about 7 to 8).

In spite of the diet being low calorie, there are several protein options

The HCG diet is unique because there are several options for protein. The main thing to consider is that high fat protein products like ground beef, t-bone steaks, ribeye and other high fat meats are prohibited because the fat in these meats can cause metabolic issues and disrupt the effectiveness of the hormone. The most common options for protein include white fish, shrimp, chicken breast, lean red meat and certain veal cuts. Veal sirloin and loin chop are allowed on the diet because both of these cuts are low calorie and low fat. As for red meat cuts, tri tip steak is allowed, lean beef, bison, top round steak, sirloin tip, cube steak and other very lean cuts. Chicken breast is preferred for chicken eaters, as the thigh and dark meat are higher in fat content, and for fish there are several options for low fat white fish such as cod, flounder, red snapper, haddock and more.

Vegetables are an integral part of the food list

Because of the fact that the diet is very limited in calories, there are a wide range of different vegetable options that make up the bulk of the content of the diet. You can serve about 1 cooked cup or even more of many of the vegetables that are allowed on the diet, but two different vegetables should not be mixed at one meal. Vegetables can be measured in large quantities but end up taking very few calories out of the 500 daily calorie limit and some of the most popular options include asparagus, beet greens, celery, cabbage, cucumber, chard, chicory, fennel, lettuce (of any variety), red radishes, onion, tomato and spinach. Some other protocols allow for the consumption of other vegetables, but this can cause issues with the diet.

Picking the right condiments is important on the diet

Dieters sometimes overlook the fact that condiments must be carefully selected when on the HCG diet. Using condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, or anything else that has prohibited ingredients can cause a major impact on the diet and affect your weight of rate loss, along with affecting the effectiveness of the hormone. There is a specific list of seasonings and condiments that dieters must stick to in order to ensure that there are no problems, and some of them include apple cider vinegar, stevia, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, oregano, thyme, basil, and mustard. Stevia is a commonly used sweetener on the diet, and as much stevia as desired can be used since there are very few calories per serving. Also black coffee and tea are allowed on the diet in unlimited quantities (within reason) because of their low calorie intake.

Vegetarians can try the HCG diet

The food list can be modified for vegetarians, and for vegetarians that eat eggs or fish it is recommended that they get most of their protein from either of these two animal sources. Vegetarians that don't eat fish or eggs usually need a whey protein meal replacement in order to get the necessary amount of protein while on the diet. The original Dr. Simeons protocol suggested that they drink skim milk in order to get their protein intake for the day, however this can end up leading to a protein deficiency, and whey protein is usually recommended as the best meat alternative. Unfortunately, protein from legumes and nuts is forbidden on the diet, so vegetarians cannot use these food sources, and in some cases the rate of weight loss may be lower than people who are able to consume meat. Vegetarians are often approved to eat zero fat cottage cheese and eggs for some or all of their protein intake, but this must be approved by a medical provider prior to starting the diet.

Be sure to consult the food list before shopping

Before you go shopping you should check the food list and ensure that you are only buying foods that are approved for the diet. Your best bet is to print out the food list and for the three week or six week diet only buy foods from that specific list. You can also have prepackaged HCG diet meals shipped to your home if you don't have the time to shop and cook, and the cost for these meals is comparable to what you would spend at the grocery store. Don't buy any foods that are not allowed on the diet unless you want to put yourself at risk of cheating and slow down your rate of weight loss, and be sure that you read the list and memorize it so that you don't slip up if you ever have to eat outside of home. To ask any questions that you may have about the diet or the approved food list, click here to speak to a medical provider.


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