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9 Ways to Burn off Thanksgiving Calories

9 Ways to Burn off Thanksgiving Calories

Burn off Thanksgiving Calories

After Thanksgiving you may have put on a few extra pounds like many of us, but it's pretty easy to get back on track after a few days of dieting or by getting back on a regular exercise regimen. You definitely want to take action if you gorged during the holidays because that extra weight can quickly start adding up if you don't switch your habits back. Even if you're busy it doesn't take much time or effort to get back into a healthy lifestyle, and you can get quite a bit of exercise in while handling all of your other responsibilities. Below are 9 ways to burn off calories after Thanksgiving.

Get exercise in while shopping

Instead of doing your holiday shopping online after Thanksgiving, head over to the mall and walk from store to store. The simple act of walking will definitely help you burn more calories and you'll be able to take care of your shopping duties at the same time. You can also try to carry as many of your holiday shopping bags as possible to make the exercise even better, and don't drive from store to store but try to carry your bags all the way back to your car every time you visit each store. You'll be surprised how many calories that this can help you burn, and you won't have to spend that much extra effort either.

Shovel snow or rake leaves to burn calories

Some of us have the chore of having to shovel snow or rake leaves, but this is a great opportunity to burn holiday calories. Instead of paying someone else for the job, take care of raking your yard or shoveling snow. Shoveling snow and raking can be a pretty intensive workout, and you'll get the benefit of not having to pay someone else for it while burning off the holiday weight. Shoveling snow in particular is a great workout because it brings your heart rate up, but you should only shovel snow if it is safe for you based on your age and physical capabilities. Some people are also sensitive to cold weather because of cardiovascular problems, so this should be taken into consideration as well.

Walk after your meals or whenever you can

Walking can definitely help you burn off extra calories after Thanksgiving, and if you get into the habit of walking for about 20 minutes after each of your meals it can be a great way to get some extra exercise in. If you have the opportunity, walk instead of driving. Walking is a surprisingly good workout, especially if you do it on a regular basis, and if you can start getting into the habit of walking as much as possible you can burn off many of the extra calories you might have gained during the holidays. Try increasing the intensity and speed of your walking and also try to take the stairs whenever you can to get even more of a workout in.

Avoid calories in drinks

Calorie rich drinks are a part of the holiday season but you should cut them out as much as possible. Instead of drinking coffee with cream and sugar, or other coffee drinks loaded with carbs and fat, stick to black coffee or coffee sweetened with Stevia and non-fat milk. You can also use spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to flavor your drinks or lemon juice, but you should avoid adding sugar and honey to your drinks. Some of the worst offenders include eggnog, lattes, hot chocolate, and other specialty coffee drinks, so avoid these altogether, as they can have upwards of 300 or more calories per drink and are definitely one of the biggest causes for weight gain during the holidays.

Do some fall cleaning

The chances are that your home is a mess after the holidays, and doing a bit of fall cleaning is one of the best ways to burn off the extra calories while getting your home back in order. Instead of just doing the minimum cleaning necessary, try cleaning up the entire house and take care of as many different tasks as you can including vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, and sweeping. The amount of calories that you burn can be substantial, especially if you increase the speed and the intensity of your chores. If you find that you're breaking out into a sweat you're on the right track, and many household chores are actually fairly muscle intensive and can give your core, obliques, arms and legs a good workout.

Do a few days of a higher intensity workout

Exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle, but you may want to increase your exercise intensity for a few days after the holidays. By increasing the intensity you will burn more calories in a shorter period of time, and you may also want to work out for a few minutes longer than usual. This is a relatively easy way to get rid of the excess calories, and you won't have to spend much extra time to do it. Anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes longer in the gym, along with a little bit more effort than what you're used to will help you burn the extra pounds and get back into your regular routine.

Get into group fitness

Group fitness is a great starting point for people who haven't had a regular exercise regimen, and there are dozens of programs that you may have available locally. Group fitness classes are usually no more than one hour in length, and they help tremendously with one of the most difficult aspects of working out regularly: motivation. Try to find a class that appeals to your exercise interests and you will be more motivated to go. If exercise has always been a challenge because of motivation, group fitness may be the answer and the holiday season is the best time to get started, and it will definitely help you stay at a healthy weight throughout the whole season.

Detox your diet

After eating a bunch of unhealthy foods, sugar, and fat, you may want to try a bit of a "€œdetox"€ diet. The HCG diet is definitely a great way to get back into shape after the holidays because it will help you detox from the effects of unhealthy eating, and you are pretty much guaranteed to lose your extra holiday weight and then some.

The HCG diet starts off with a few "€œgorging days"€ which includes eating a bunch of natural but high fat foods, but after this period of time you will be restricted to mostly fruits and vegetables for three weeks at a minimum. This will help your body recover and reset your metabolism back to a more normal level. The diet is a great first step back into a healthy way of living because it will start you off with 10 or more pounds of weight loss, and it is much easier to continue to lose weight after your body is switched into a weight loss mode. Get more information on the HCG diet here.


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