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8 Ways to Control Hunger During Phase Two of the HCG Diet

8 Ways to Control Hunger During Phase Two of the HCG Diet

Phase Two of the hCG diet is the time when you indeed start to reap the benefits of the dietary plan by dropping pounds. However, it is also when your body learns to subsist on a significantly reduced caloric intake. It is imperative that you take some steps to prepare for the reduced calories and create a firm foundation for the hCG within your body.


HCG and Controlling Hunger During Phase Two 


The hCG hormone assists in reducing your hunger during Phase Two. It also provides you with energy and helps your body burn the unwanted fat. If you do feel cravings, remember that most of the time they are just psychological. You are mentally craving the foods that you are used to enjoying. 


There are many things you can do to reduce unwanted cravings and remain satisfied.


  1. Advance Planning: During the first week of Phase Two, your body will be adjusting to not having its usual foods. When you go grocery shopping, it is not uncommon to suffer extreme cravings. You will undoubtedly be tempted to purchase items that are considered a ‘no-no.’ Remember, to always avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry.  It is often best to grocery shop for the diet plan’s first week’s foods during the three days of Phase One of the diet. This advance planning reduces temptation during the first days of Phase Two. 
  2. Spacing your Meals Out Until the hCG Takes Effect: Another option to control hunger is to space your meals out. Instead of eating two meals per day, you can eat five small meals per day by spacing out the 500 calories into 100 calorie meals. Spacing out your food ingestion is a great way to transition to the low-calorie diet during the first week of Phase Two. This system also gives the hCG time to take effect in your system, so your hunger is curbed throughout the additional weeks of the diet.
  3. Maintaining a Routine Helps Control Hunger: Coming up with a dietary routine helps you stick to the hCG diet. For example, in the morning you might want to enjoy fruit with plenty of water or coffee to get you through until lunch. After lunch, it is not uncommon to have cravings at around 3 pm so eating a veggie or breadstick satisfies you until dinner. Everyone is a unique individual so creating a routine that works for you early in the diet is a massive benefit in feeling satisfied and avoiding cravings. 
  4. Eat Vegetables to Curb Hunger: Vegetables help you feel full because of the high fiber content. There are several vegetables to choose from, but never mix more than a single kind in one sitting. You should also consume only one cup of veggies per serving. Many of the allowed vegetables are low in calories which means you can eat more of them, so you feel satisfied while staying below the 500-calorie limit required during Phase Two of the hCG dietary protocol.
  5. Overconsuming Vegetables and Calories: You should always eat different vegetables each day. Also, be sure not to overconsume, so you still have the necessary calories remaining for your protein, melba toast, and fruit servings.  If you do inadvertently exceed your 500 calorie limit, make sure you overconsumed vegetables and not other foods. Veggies rarely hurt the hCG hormone’s ability to burn abnormal fat. 
  6. Carry a Meal With You: Ideally, you should bring your lunch or dinner with you to stave off cravings and resist purchasing prepared foods from a restaurant or store. You can also carry a large container of water with you to stay hydrated and provide a full feeling. Every meal, drink large quantities of water. The combination of water, fruit, or a veggie offers you a pick-me-up to get through the day. 
  7. Snacking to Stave off Hunger: Some people miss the act of snacking during the day, so a small snack helps mentally. You can also snack on one piece of melba toast, breadsticks, or fruits. However, always remember that if you snack on an item, then you will be unable to include it in your meal. 
  8. Staying Hydrated to Curb Hunger: Caffeine found in coffee is an appetite suppressant. Drinking tea or coffee curbs your hunger and even gets you from one meal to the other without a snack. With the hCG diet protocol, you can have as much black coffee and tea as you want throughout the day. 

Cheat Days are Dangerous to the hCG Diet 


Most people are tempted to have a cheat day while on the hCG diet. While some diet plans might allow you to have such a day of indulgence, the hCG diet does not. To successfully shed the pounds and rest your metabolism, you must be dedicated to the caloric requirements of the hCG diet without deviating. This means absolutely no cheating during Phase Two. 


The HCG Diet Guide provided by Nu Image gives you the best food choices for the hCG diet. There are many recipes that you can create using the guide’s shopping list. Don’t forget to use the recommended seasonings to create unique flavors that tantalize and satisfy. You can also check out the included recipes in the HCG Diet Recipe Book.


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