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7 Lunch Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

7 Lunch Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Lunch Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Lunch is an important meal and although many of us don't make the wisest decisions when it comes to our lunch food choices, making better choices can have a major impact on your weight in the long term and improve your body's metabolism. There are dozens of foods that are healthy, portable options for your lunches that you might actually enjoy, and when you make your own lunches with these foods you don't have to rely on fast food or order out for lunch every day.

Try these healthy 7 lunch foods that can help you lose weight when you need some ideas for foods that can work well for lunch options, and for the most part you should try to avoid eating at restaurants for lunch and bringing your own homemade meals with these and other healthy foods whenever possible, especially when you are dieting.

Food #1 - Turkey breast

Turkey breast or turkey meat in general is a low fat excellent source of protein that works perfectly for several different lunch recipes. Eating turkey breast on its own is a great option, and ideally you should eat it without any bread or grains. Try to lose use low fat condiments with turkey breast which are healthier, but if you avoid adding extras to turkey breast and keep it natural it's one of the best sources of protein that will keep you full and stabilize your blood sugar, which will help you avoid gorging on later meals and eating too much during lunch. Also try adding turkey with healthy and filling vegetables, and you pretty much can't go wrong with adding this to your lunch menu, just be sure that it's made in a healthy way.

Food #2 - Lean beef

Several cuts of lean beef are approved for consumption during Phase 2 of the HCG diet, and lean beef is one of the best weight loss foods out there. Cuts like sirloin and top round are high in protein just like turkey but low in fat, and organic lean beef is preferable. You don't want to eat too much red meat with your diet, but adding it in a few times per week for lunch mixed in with a salad or on its own without any grains or bread is a great way to get blood sugar stabilizing protein into your meals, and many cuts of lean beef are very easy to prepare. Try to find higher quality organic lean beef for your meals when possible.

Food #3 - Apples

Adding an apple to your lunch is one of the best ways to make it healthier immediately. By eating just one apple you'll be adding a lot more fiber to your lunch than what it might have had, and you'll be less likely to eat more calories. It's even better if you eat an apple at the start of your lunch, as research has shown that eating an apple before a meal will make you more likely to eat fewer calories during the meal. Studies have also shown that apples can reduce your risk of certain cancers like breast cancer and oral cancer when you eat them on a regular basis, which is another health bonus [1].

Food #4 - Almonds

Almonds might not be the easiest food to incorporate into lunch recipes, but if you take them along as a snack or a side with your lunch you'll be taking one of the most perfect healthy foods with you. Almonds are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats which can lower your risk of obesity and improve your cardiovascular health. They are an excellent source of fiber, protein and healthy fat, all of which will fill you up without making you fat or adding too many calories to your diet. Just a small handful with your lunch will help you lose weight, and numerous studies have tied almond consumption with weight loss as well as a lower risk of a wide range of health illnesses.

Food #5 - Kimchi

It may or may not be one of your favorite foods, but adding kimchi as a side to your lunch is an excellent way to get more probiotics in your diet which can improve your digestion and reduce inflammation. The bacteria in kimchi help your body fight off infections and by lowering inflammation, it can make you less likely to put on weight and develop dangerous conditions like metabolic syndrome or prehypertension. It's also one of the lowest calorie foods out there, as 100 grams of kimchi only have 46 calories. The capsaicin in kimchi also boosts your metabolism and further helps you to lose weight, and it is rich in fiber.

Food #6 - Greek yogurt

Taking Greek yogurt with you for your lunch is one of the best decisions that you can make. The probiotics in Greek yogurt can help you with digestion and reducing inflammation in the same way that kimchi can. It's also one of the best and healthiest sources of protein out there. One serving of Greek yogurt is about 24 grams of protein, but you should be extremely careful to avoid most storebought varieties of Greek yogurt as they add way too much sugar and other additives that can quickly make it unhealthy. Make your own Greek yogurt side with stevia, and fruit, and that's the healthiest way to add it into your lunch if you do decide to.

Food #7 - Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and hardboiled eggs are an easy portable snack that you can add to your lunch without much fuss. Two eggs offer about 12 grams of protein and they are only about 140 calories, and they are very filling. When you eat eggs for lunch, they stabilize your blood sugar for the rest of the day, making you a lot less likely to snack on junk food at work. A study on obese women found those who ate a 350 calorie breakfast with sausage and eggs were less likely to snack on fatty sugar junk food during the day than those who only ate cereal for breakfast [3]. The same effect will occur when you eat them for lunch and they are an easy healthy food to add to your lunch food list.




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