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7 HCG Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid

7 HCG Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid

The hCG diet is a phenomenally successful dietary protocol when used correctly. However, if you make mistakes, your results may not be as satisfying. To lose the maximum amount of weight attainable, you should try your best to avoid dietary mistakes

 Common hCG Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 


Here are seven diet mistakes to avoid on the hCG diet


  1. Stick to the Protocol: The hCG diet plan has been successful for over sixty years. The protocol is easy to understand and simple to follow with dedication.  However, some people mistakenly believe that small aspects of the diet can safely be avoided without ramifications. Certain factors such as avoiding lotion-based cosmetics, using only certain seasonings, and not exercising might seem like unimportant things but every aspect of the diet has a snowball effect. To successfully lose weight, you must take the time to familiarize yourself with Dr. Simeons’ dietary protocol and then follow it as closely as possible so the diet truly works in your favor. 
  2. Portions: All the food portions outlined in the hCG diet have been carefully measured to ensure that you do not consume an excessive number of calories. You should always use the food scale to measure out each portion size accurately. Vegetables tend to contain a great deal of water so if you are a little off on the weight than it is acceptable, but protein should always be accurately measured and controlled. You must always avoid guessing about portion sizes. 
  3. Exercise: It is easy, especially in today’s exercise driven society, to think that if you work out while dieting then you will lose even more weight. However, this is not true with the hCG diet. In fact, it is dangerous to work out on a low-calorie diet such as the hCG diet plan. Exercise forces you to crave and consume more than the recommended calories. You can also experience severe fatigue, low blood sugar, and even dehydration. You should never exercise on the hCG diet. If you have an active job, then you will need to increase your caloric intake to meet your body’s needs, so you can continue to perform your physically demanding job. The medical professionals at Nu Image Medical will work closely with you to determine exactly how many calories you need to meet your lifestyle needs. Many times, individuals who have physically demanding jobs will require additional protein on the hCG diet than someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle. 
  4. Vegetable and Fruit Choices: In today’s fast-paced society, many people turn to canned fruits and vegetables for ease and speed. However, canned goods contain preservatives and other ingredients that may undermine the hCG diet. Also, canned fruits usually have added sugar to make the fruit taste sweeter.  Canned vegetables tend to be loaded with elevated levels of sodium. Anything canned is less nutritionally sound than natural fruits and vegetables. The canning process destroys the healthy factors of the produce. Ideally, while on the hCG diet, you must eat only fresh fruits and vegetables to truly reap the health benefits and avoid unnecessary ingredients. 
  5. Meats: On the hCG diet you should focus on only consuming organic meats that are guaranteed to be hormone and antibiotic free. Only choose cuts of meat that are clearly outlined in the hCG dietary plan, so you can avoid consuming unnecessary fat that is often found in certain cuts of meat. 
  6. Beverages: The beverage list outlined in the hCG diet is extremely limited. You can drink tea or coffee that has been sweetened by stevia. You must avoid sugar use. Also, you cannot consume fruit juices or sodas while dieting. Ideally, throughout the day you should consume water and tea. In the mornings you can indulge in a cup of coffee or two. Even if a drink is labeled as ‘sugar-free’ it remains a no-no while on the hCG diet. You cannot consume diet sodas or sugar free-fruit juices. You must stick to the simple beverages that have been shown to provide weight loss success when used with the hCG meal plan. 
  7. Cooking Sprays and Oils: When cooking, you cannot use any cooking sprays or oils. Yes, cooking without such items is difficult but you should invest in a non-stick pan. In some situations, you can also use broth instead of oil. Other options include steaming and grilling to avoid the use of oils. There are innumerable hCG recipes that outline many delicious food choices and how to prepare them without the use of oils. When you enter Phase 3 of the hCG diet you can start to incorporate insignificant amounts of cooking oils into your menu choices, but you should always be careful not to overindulge. Also, focus on only using healthy oils such as olive or coconut oils. Avoid vegetable oils and margarine. 


The hCG diet can be challenging at first for many people but just remember you are not just losing weight but also learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. If you avoid the above mistakes, then you will be able to lose a considerable amount of weight, reset your metabolism, and feel fantastic.  

Please contact the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical to learn more about the hCG diet and the mistakes you can avoid on your journey to weight loss success. 

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