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7 Effortless Ways to Lose Weight

7 Effortless Ways to Lose Weight
Contrary to what some people think, losing weight doesn't take an extraordinary amount of effort. There are several ways to lose weight that require fairly simple changes in your lifestyle and diet, and you can start implementing these changes today. The HCG diet is worth considering if you want an easy way to lose a substantial amount of weight, and it is one of the most effortless ways to lose weight because you won't have to do any additional exercise.

Outside of the HCG diet there are other methods to lose weight without much extra effort that we will describe in this article. Some of these methods you can start implementing easily, others might take a bit more effort, but all of them are easier than exercising. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't also exercise to lose weight, but the main thing that affects your weight is your diet and your habits.

Method #1 - Slow your eating down

Slowing down your eating can help you lose a large amount of weight quickly, because you will eat fewer calories per meal. Your brain takes about 20 minutes to register that you've eaten anything, and when you eat too quickly you will very likely eat too many calories. Just slow the pace of your eating down as much as possible. Slowing the pace down will also help you enjoy your meals more. Don't eat in a rush, take the time to prepare a home cooked meal and sit down with friends and family. It's one of the great pleasures of life that many people neglect due to a busy schedule. Don't let your schedule get into the way of being healthy, and remember that those first 20 minutes of your meal are the most important for slowing down.

Method #2 - Use smaller plates

Using smaller plates is one of the best way to control your portion sizes, and the difference that it can make in the number of calories that you eat per week can be dramatic. Studies have found that smaller plates give you the illusion that you are eating more, and as a result you will feel fuller. Another study found that decreasing plate size to 10 inches from 12 inches resulted in a calorie reduction of 22% on average. Assuming that your dinner averages at 900 calories, that would result in a reduction of 198 calories just for dinner. If you eat 2,000 calories per day it would result in 440 fewer calories every day, 3080 per week, and over 160,000 per year! Now your actual results may vary, but even if you eat 50,000 fewer calories per year just by using smaller plates, it's an easy decision to make.

Method #3 - Cut soda out of your diet and sweetened drinks

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to simply cut sweetened drinks, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners out of your diet. You aren't really making a major sacrifice when you get sweetened drinks out of your diet, because you can use stevia to flavor your drinks without adding any extra calories at all. Drink water as much as you can, and get used to drinking it. You might even have a bit of a withdrawal after quitting, but it won't take long for you to adjust. After about a week of drinking water you won't miss soda anymore, and you'll probably save yourself anywhere from 200 to 300 calories of unnecessary calories per day. That's a quick way to lose body fat and you'll probably see some great results once you quit the sweetened drinks.

Method #4 - Change what you eat

The amount that you eat isn't really as important as what you eat. You can eat larger quantities of healthy foods and you won't gain weight, and you won't be starved throughout the day because healthy foods are rich in protein, fiber, and nutrients. The real key to losing weight without much extra effort is to change your food choices. By adding more natural foods into your diet you won't have to focus as much on the number of calories that you are eating every day. Focus on mostly eating whole foods like fruits, vegetables and natural and healthy protein sources. Make small changes to your diet gradually if you can't make large changes all at once, and diets like the HCG diet can be very helpful at changing your appetites if you have found that you are struggling with junk food addiction.

Method #5 - Drink more water

Drinking more water can help you lose weight because several studies have found that it helps you eat a fewer number of calories. Drinking water will help you avoid eating high calorie snacks and other foods that can lead to weight gain, and it will also result in you eating less per meal. Drinking water before a meal has also shown to be more effective for older adults compared to younger people, but it works for both. Drinking more water is really easy and all you need to do is carry a jug or a bottle with you wherever you go. Try to stick to filtered or spring water as tap water can have compounds and chemicals that can affect your body, and don't drink artificially sweetened water or some of the "€œsports water"€ products out there.

Method #6 - Share your food when you go out to eat

Sharing your meals can help you avoid eating too much when you go out because many restaurants love serving large portions. Share your meals with another family member or friends and you won't have to worry as much about the number of calories you're eating and what you're eating. Because it's so hard to know how healthy your meals are when you eat at a restaurant it can help you avoid overeating. You should also try to find out how many calories are in your meal if at all possible. Be smart with your ordering choices, and ask the waiter how large the portions are. Try to order smaller portions if possible, but if not then share what you have and you won't be eating a bunch of calories all at once. Also try to order foods that are low in fat and carbohydrates.

Method #7 - Walk more and be active as much as you can

Getting active with light exercise can definitely help you lose weight. If you spend more time walking, taking the stairs, carrying the groceries and other activities you can burn an extra 100-200 calories per day or even more. That may not seem like a lot, but it will definitely add up over time, and by being more active you will notice that it will be much more difficult for you to gain weight. It won't offset the damage to your body from an unhealthy diet, but walking and being more active can definitely make it easier for you to lose weight when you're doing everything else the right way. You should look for opportunities anywhere that you can to be active, and if you haven't started a regular exercise regimen you definitely should, assuming that you are physically capable and healthy enough to start.

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