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7 Activity Options for Your Lockdown Exercise Routine

7 Activity Options for Your Lockdown Exercise Routine

With the threat of catching the coronavirus keeping everyone indoors and away from facilities where close contact is possible, the could be another health crisis at stake. Sports leagues across the nation have banned activities, but gyms and fitness centers have also been told to close in order to reduce the potential spreading of the virus. The National Health Service is recommending that everyone get in at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, even if means from your living room or backyard. Here are some ways to stay active while trying to avoid the coronavirus.

1. Running

The government agencies and health experts didn’t say you weren’t allowed outside at all, but to limit your interactions with other people and keep six to ten feet distance between yourselves. You can still get up early or take a lazy afternoon and go for a job around the neighborhood. It is best not to head toward a local park or hiking trail since some of the photos across the country show that people are really following the advice of medical experts. You can avoid coming in contact with people when you take a road route or an empty parking lot. With the air pollution levels dropping all across the country, you may even find the outside air more refreshing than ever.

2. Skipping

That’s right, your playground favorite is making a super cool comeback. Skipping rope is a simple but effective exercise that can increase your heart rate in a matter of minutes. You might remember how Rocky Balboa used it as a staple component of his workout routines. You don’t need a lot of space or fancy equipment. You can cut a piece of thin rope to size if you don’t have the fancy one with plastic handles from your memories, and it is best to practice outside.

3. Yoga

You might have silently laughed at all those skinny, limber athletic bodies in yoga pants, but it really is a great way to exercise and improve your flexibility. If you don’t have a yoga mat or yoga pants, don’t worry. There are a lot of movements and positions that need any of the above. You can also find quality instruction through free websites offering video tutorials, and some fitness centers are live-streaming an instructor-led activity routine. There are yoga classes that range from beginning to advanced, as well as for a range of body types.

4. Stairs

Many people aren’t prepared with at-home gym equipment or set-ups, but that doesn’t mean you are low on options. Why worry about a Stairmaster when you could have a whole flight of stairs. There is more to stair exercises than just walking or running up and down them a few times. You can use them to do reverse lunges, stair pushups, and tricep dips. If you live in an apartment or condo complex, just be careful to not touch the railings and thoroughly wash your hands once you are through.

5. Couching

You can use your sofa or couch for more than a snuggle in front of the television. The act of sitting and standing ten times in a row will give your thighs an incredible workout, but you can also use the back to support your weight during pushups or lunges. Weight resistance training is good for strength and balance, and you can rely on all kinds of furniture around your home to help you out.

6. Cooking

Don’t act so surprised. The act of cooking can give you some extra activity, but it can also help you focus on your weight loss and wellness. When you cook at home, you can pay attention to what you are eating and restrict your intake of things like processed foods, refined sugars, and empty carbs. If you are on a special dieting plan, like the HCG diet, you will need to load up on healthy lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. You get the most bang for your buck when you cook them yourself.

7. Dancing

You can use dancing to get your heart rate going, your blood pumping, and your happiness flowing. Create a playlist of your favorite party tunes and throw a dance party. If you have kids, this is something they will love. You can have competitions between old classics like the moonwalk or more current favorites like the floss. If all that fails, put on “The Git Up” performed by Blanco Brown and have yourself a good time.

Being confined to the house may soon have dire consequences concerning weight management. You don’t have to spend the next few weeks on the couch plastered to the breaking news reports or mindless watching reruns of your favorite tv shows. Try out some of the exercise tips.


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