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6 Reasons For Stalled Weight Loss Goals

6 Reasons For Stalled Weight Loss Goals

If you are unhappy with your reflection in the mirror, you might not be enjoying life to it’s fullest. Your social life tends to suffer when you aren’t satisfied with your weight or health, and this can negatively impact your ability to lose weight. It can be difficult to commit to the process of shedding extra weight and improving your health if you don’t have the support system around you to keep you encouraged. This isn’t the only reason you might be losing weight, and experiencing a plateau during weight loss is normal. Here are several of the reasons this might be happening to you.

Top Six Reasons

1. Make sure you aren’t just panicking.

Don’t stress out about a few days that reveal little scale movement. Your body can still burn fat even when the numbers aren’t moving downwards. The average body weight will fluctuate by a few pounds, depending on your hormones or what foods you have recently eaten. If you have increased your activity level, you can also be gaining muscle as you lose fat, which does weigh more. Your goal is to lose body fat, not just weight.

If you are wanting to make progress with burning fat, the HCG diet includes a reduced-calorie meal plan, but it also boosts the levels of the hormone known for targeting fat stores. Supplementing your diet plan with a compound designed to burn through stubborn body fat can help your scale numbers, but more importantly, it will help you become a healthier individual.

2. Your not paying attention to what you are eating.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to keep track of what you are eating and how much of it you are eating. Research shows that keeping food journals or tracking your intake helps maintain consistency throughout your diet. It may be that you are paying close attention to the types of foods you are eating, and you might have reverted back to old eating habits.

3. You may not have enough protein in your diet.

Out of all of the nutrients your body needs, the most important one is protein if you plan to lose weight.  When you eat at least 25-30% of your calorie needs in protein, it can raise your metabolism to burn through almost 100 additional calories a day. It can also create satiety with your meals, as protein helps mediate your body’s appetite-regulating hormones. This reduces the need for snacking or craving. The HCG protocol also helps promote the feeling of fullness, working with protein to regulate the body’s desire for snacks or certain foods.

4. You might be eating too many calories.

When people struggle with losing weight, too many carbs in the diet is often one of the first culprits. Whether or not your diet plan has you counting calories, too many people are consuming far more calories than they realize. This can significantly impact the effectiveness of your weight loss plan. It’s important to track calories from an intake perspective, but you should also be calculating the types of calories you are consuming. It is better to consumer 30% of your calories through protein sources than starches. Once you are on a diet for a while, you will start to know the basic numbers for your food sources, which will keep you from always pulling out a calculator or tracker app.

5. You might have poor food choices.

Eating organic, healthy foods is important to your overall wellbeing, in addition to your weight goals. Healthy foods will be more filling than processed and packed elements, which can help regular your appetite and curb cravings. Be careful, though, that you don’t just pick a food labeled as a health food and think it’s okay. Your best bet is to choose single-ingredient, whole foods as often as you can.

6. You aren’t lifting weights as you should.

If your main goal is to simply lose weight, then adding resistance training is a solid way to help. When you lift weights, you maintain your muscle mass, which is generally burned off in addition to your body fat if you have not been exercising. You also prevent metabolic slowdown when you lift weights, but it also sculps and tones those areas of the body that were once flabby and droopy.


Losing weight is a process and a long-term commitment, but with the right mindset and the right supplements, it is possible. You can be on your way to a healthier, happier you, and live the life you desire with a diet plan that burns fat, improves vitality, and addresses negative eating habits.


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