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4 Tips for Clean Eating

4 Tips for Clean Eating

Going on the diet isn’t usually a spur of the moment decision, but making food choices each day usually ends up that way. When you first start out on a diet, you can get overwhelmed by the list of do’s and don’ts, and all too often people fail to plan their menu carefully and shop for the right groceries ahead of time. This can leave you in a bind when forced to choose a lunch between bad or worst options, rather than good, better, and best.Proactively addressing your meal plans is one way to stay on top of your dieting restrictions, but a more effective way to pursue weight loss is through some lifestyle changes that encourage clean eating.

Dieting Trends

There are many different dieting plans on the market, and they each come with their own demands and expectations about what you can and can’t eat. Some eliminate entire food groups altogether, such as the keto diet, while others allow you to make your own meal plan within a loose guide of point-friendly choices. For an effective dieting plan that will teach you how to choose the right foods, the HCG diet may be a good fit. In addition to reducing your intake to foods that would be considered clean eating, injections of the human growth hormone help boost the body’s natural ability to burn through stored fat and produce energy for the rest of the body. This is a win-win situation, as clean eating is a vital part of a weight-maintenance plan, and burning through belly fat equates to losing weight.  If you start off on the right foot, you can use these clean eating tips to keep your weight right where you want it.

Ditch the Sugar

Many people want to focus their diets on cutting out all carbs, but research has shown that added sugars wreak havoc on body health and interfere with healthy weight gain. Too much sugar in the diet, which in turn adds up to too much sugar in the body, has been linked to health concerns from obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Too much sugar also overloads the digestive tract, more specifically the pancreas and liver. It can also weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses or sabotaging your ability to fight diseases or cancers. To address this area of concern, abandon food and drink that has sugar added to it. Use natural substitutes instead, such as honey or xylitol. You can also swap sweet snacks like ice cream for Greek yogurt and berries.

Prowl the Perimeter

When you head to the grocery store, slowly case the perimeter as you create a meal plan. Health experts advise that the exterior perimeter of the store contains healthy protein options like poultry, yogurt, and eggs, as well as the fruits and vegetables. In order for this approach to work, you need to commit to becoming a chef at home and avoiding fast food or takeout options for lunch or dinner.  By planning your meals in advance, you will know exactly what to put in your cart and you can control how much of each food group you are consuming. Natural and organic are the best choices for clean eating, and although you can find some healthy packaged foods in the center of the store like nuts and beans, the most successful meal plan will be created on the perimeter. Colorful and green are key themes when it comes to perimeter shopping.

Avoid Fad Foods

Don’t fall into a trap of buying weigh loss foods, such as shakes and protein bars, in order to speed up your diet progress. These are often processed foods loaded with artificial sweeteners, extra sugar, and preservatives in order to make them more appealing to your taste buds. One area to watch this ratio is yogurt. Although it can be a very nutritious snack, many products have as much as 6 teaspoons of sugar added to the content. Make better choices by looking at the sugar content and not the fat-free label. This is a hidden trap that can ruin your clean eating plans. When you spend the time in advance to plan out your week, you can package your own snacks and create healthy, fat-free options suited to your taste buds.

Clean eating involves changing out your current dietary habits for ones that are more conscious of what you are putting into your body and how much of it you are consuming. If you are overwhelmed, start with one change at a time. Soon, these changes become habits and you will find your health and energy levels improving.


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