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These Tips Encourage Fuller, Thicker Hair Growth

These Tips Encourage Fuller, Thicker Hair Growth

For many people, the summertime is about trimming off long locks and getting sweaty hair from up off the neck. Baseball caps to shade the sun, floppy beach hats, and high, tight hairdos are all common go-to’s during hot summer months. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, between the heat, the chlorine from the pool, and the harsh hair stress, a sunny summer vacation can turn into your hair’s worst nightmare. It might seem like it is growing strong, but hair is a very delicate element of the body. What you do today will impact how it responds and grows tomorrow.

Damaging Conditions

There are a lot of things that can cause serious damage to your hair and the follicles from which each strand grows. Poor diet plays a big part, as the cells responsible for hair growth need good nutrition just like the rest of your body. Stress can also weaken your hair, whether it be emotional or physical. Genetics do have a lot to do with conditions of balding or thinning, and though you can use products like NuDew to prevent hair loss and help restore lost locks, there are several other ways to encourage your hair to grow thicker and faster.

Start With the Scalp

It isn’t generally given enough attention, but a healthy scalp has a lot to do with how well your hair grows and looks. The scalp not only houses the hair follicles, but it also brings the blood supply that feeds hair growth. By giving your scalp a weekly massage, you stimulate additional flow into the cellular layers of growth. On the other hand, constantly covering your scalp with a hat, scarf, or oversized hair elastic can stunt growth. The scalp needs to have the dead layers of skin exposed and fresh air to keep the scalp in good health. Coating your scalp with protective oils can help preserve the moisture found at the skin layer, but you still need to expose your scalp to vitamin D and fresh air to prevent follicle clogs. For a DIY way to improve the health of your scalp, considering adding rosemary oil to your shampoo or conditioner. Rosemary has a stimulating effect on scalp circulation, and it also strengthens the hair follicles beneath the skin. Cedarwood oil has the same properties. Since these are oils, use them in moderation. You don’t want to gunk up the scalp and clog the hair follicles.

Use a Hair Mask

It doesn’t matter how short or long your hair is or how natural or color-treated it is. People put their hair through a lot on a daily basis. From harsh chemicals in shampoos or the heated elements for drying and styling, you demand a lot from your hair. Sweaty hair from the gym or hair that’s been exposed to the sunlight all day isn’t going to last forever. The things you do each day inflict damage on your hair, some ways more severely than others. You can give your hair some extra care through a mask. You don’t have to interrupt your daily routine to apply a nourishing mask but definitely set aside one night a week for a few minutes of hair care. Even if you use a conditioner, your hair still needs the extra boost of nutrition and moisture. You can make your own through a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, lavender, and rosemary oils. Coconut oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acids, just as it olive oil. These nutrients can lead to less breakage and fuller growth. Massage the mask onto dry hair, letting it sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse out with cool water, as hot water can strip the oils right back off your hair.

Feed Your Hair

Your hair is starving for some good food, and not giving it what it wants and needs, can turn it limp and thin. For strong, full hair, you need to nourish it from the inside as much as you do from the outside. Even if you are on a special diet for weight loss purposes, you need to pay attention to what your hair needs nutritionally. Diets can often put a lot of strain on hair, denying some of the most crucial nutrients needed to develop and grow. If you aren’t eating foods that give your hair what it needs, consider adding a high-quality supplement to your diet. Healthy fats and omega 3’s are found in salmon, walnuts, fish oils, olive oil, avocado, and most seeds. These give your hair body. Biotin is a nutrient found in chicken, whole wheat bread, cauliflowers, eggs, almonds, and dairy. Deficiencies in this element can lead to hair loss, but having plenty of it in your diet can promote thick, healthy hair growth. Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C can prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage while upping your intake of B vitamins stimulate hair growth through invigorating, healthy cell functions.

Play Nice With Your Hair

Even if hot pink seems to be a trending hair color, your attempt to fit the mold could be stunting healthy hair growth. So much of what people do to their hair is done in an effect to keep up with trends or social expectations of beauty. Heat treatments, colorings, perms, and stressful hairstyles can contribute to breakage and stress on your hair. Treating your hair gently, even if isn’t the most popular hairstyle, will make sure your hair lasts you a long time. Try to switch up your hairstyle every now and then, relieving the tension you may be causing by brushing it or pulling it to one side. Avoid styling products for a day or two each week, letting your hair strands and scalp breathe. Clogging your scalp pores and hair follicles with chemicals will suffocate and snuff out new hair growth. Keep your hat-wearing to a minimum, and at the very least, be sure to wash your hat and avoid smothering your hair under a bacteria-laden covering.

Look for Natural Hair Treatments

There are many people worried about the long-term impact of chemical treatments on hair growth, and you may find that the products you have grown accustomed to using are creating your thin, weak hair. Chemical components within shampoos, coloring aids, or styling products can damage your hair, stripping them of the natural oils and protective coating that reduces breakage and split ends. Find more naturally-sourced products, ones that include essential oils for both fragrance and nutritional needs.

Check Your Water Impact

You don’t blink an eye when hopping into the shower each morning, but it may be time to give your morning routine a second thought. Harsh water can dry out and damage your hair, but so can taking showers in water temperatures that are too hot. Washing your hair too often can reduce the natural oil component of healthy hair, and water that is too hot will eat away at those oils on each strand and around the scalp. If you use conditioner in the shower, which you should, rinse it out with cool water to lock in the moisture.

These hair tips aren’t that difficult to implement, and they can go a long way in preserving a healthy, full head of hair. These are small, little changes that have a huge impact on what happens at the top of your head.

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