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Let’s Talk Female Hair Loss and HCG

Let’s Talk Female Hair Loss and HCG

Women have reported losing hair when they are pregnant, giving birth, going through a divorce, changing careers, moving—the list goes on and on. Temporary hair loss is often caused by stress in some form. 

Even good stress in life can cause negative side effects for those who are not in perfect health, and a large percentage of American’s have compromised health. 

Does Weight Loss Cause Stress?

It’s not new information that the medical world has long made a correlation between temporary hair loss and excessive weight loss. The HCG diet is extremely effective for fat loss, but losing so much fat in such a short period could be a stress factor for your body.

Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, some women (and men) experience Alopecia Areata—small bald spots on your scalp—or thinning hair after using HCG for weight loss. While it could be due to the stress your body is under from weight loss, it could also be from lack of following the proper nutrition guidelines, genetics, or other stressors in your life.  

The Return to Normal

Some women experience additional hair growth and volume while using HCG, in the same way some pregnant reap the benefits of thick, beautiful hair when they’re expecting. As a result, coming off of HCG means your hair will return to its normal density. Women experience more shedding than usual, which raises concerns. However, although this shedding feels like hair loss, it’s just your body’s regulation response the decrease of the hormone in the body. 

Lose Hair or Lose Weight?

If you’re worried about hair loss being a side effect of weight loss with HCG, realize that those who experience hair loss are in the minority. If you do experience hair thinning, it will be temporary. The question is then, is it worth it to lose a little hair temporarily to have the long-term wellness and vitality that comes from maintaining a healthy weight? 

Whatever method of weight loss you choose, it’s important to do your best to follow the protocol in a proper and healthy manner. If you’re going to use the HCG diet, this means taking the appropriate breaks between rounds of HCG and resist cheating while on the diet. If you are not responsible with the diet protocol, you could put your body, specifically your adrenals and other hormone producing organs, through extra stress. This could increase your chances of experiencing hair loss.

Use Only Pure Prescription HCG

Make sure you are only using 100% pure prescription HCG for weight loss. The benefits you’ll receive will amaze you. You will:

·      Turn your fat to fuel your body

·      Give you a high energy

·      Drop pounds without touching your lean muscle mass 

·      Point you in the direction of optimal health

To learn more about safe, prescription HCG weight loss, you can begin building your confidential medical profile today with Nu Image Medical. We can discuss if HCG is the right choice for you. 

Don’t accept bad health because you fear temporary hair loss. Don’t accept being overweight or struggling with your health for life. With the oversight of a physician, you can achieve optimal health and find happiness.

If you believe you are losing hair for reasons other than weight loss, please consider talking to us about our newest product, Nuhär™


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Dr. Constance Odom, MD

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