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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Hair Stays Happy

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Hair Stays Happy

Whether your entire morning routine is about combing each hair into place or you casually sweep your locks under a baseball cap, how you care for your hair has an impact on your appearance, your identity, and potentially your health. Some tips and tricks for styling have been passed down from generations and cultural expectations, but some of these are doing more harm than good. The shampoo you may be spending a fortune on might actually be causing damage below the roots that you can’t see. Your salon treatments, though colorful and eye-catching, may be slowly weakening the health of your hair. No one blames you for the damage you are doing since most of the time it is done in ignorance. However, once you know what to do and what not to do in order to maintain healthy hair, you aren’t going to have a good excuse for what happens on the top of your head.

Know Your Hair

While there isn’t a special secret to hair care, how hair grows is still somewhat of a mystery to researchers and scientists. However, you don’t have to be in the same state of confusion with your own tresses. The best thing you can do to keep your hair healthy is to know about your hair, what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Your hair type has everything to do with choosing the right products or wearing a certain style. You may want to experiment with certain looks or styles, and this is okay as long as you aren’t putting too much strain on your hair. If you aren’t sure what your hair type is, talk to a stylist that you trust and ask their input. Society has taken the position of accepting the diversity of hair, and as a result, there are many products on the market suited to specific hair types.

Be Gentle With Wet Hair

Though it sounds like common sense, don’t take a hairbrush to your wet hair. It might seem like the best thing to do once you hop out of the shower, but running a brush through your wet strands to detangle them is very damaging. When hair is wet, it becomes very elastic and stretches more easily. As it stretches, it becomes weaker. If you do need to detangle your hair, you can buy a special detangling brush or use a comb. As you work through your hair, take small groups of strands at a time, working gently from the ends up to the roots. Be gentle. Your hair is more fragile than you think and will snag or break easily if you are too aggressive.

Avoid the Heat Treatment

It would seem that few can live without their blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Few tend to take up the natural beach wave look as a serious long-term hairstyle, using it mainly when things haven’t gone so well in front of the mirror. This is unfortunate, since giving your hair a day off from heat styling and hot tools encourages healthier hair. The higher the temp the better the hold is a sad mistake when it comes to hair care. In order to minimize damage, any heating elements should be kept to a styling temperature that is 365 degrees or below. Thick, coarse hair may have a better chance at surviving the continual blast of hot air each morning as you blow-dry, but since hair types are different and can be quite temperamental, try to create a habit of using the lowest heat setting possible. Whatever you do, don’t ever take a hot styling tool to wet hair. Its the fastest way to make your hair hate you.

Get Professional Help When Able

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save a little money and trying to DIY your hair care. Spending a few dollars on an at-home coloring product is definitely easier on the wallet than a full cut and color at your local salon. However, there is a lot of value in leaving somethings to the professionals with your hair. Schedule yourself for trim as needed, though the whole routine about every four to six weeks may not apply to your hair type. The growth cycle of hair is different for everyone, so your hair may not need dead or split ends taken off as regularly as someone else. Visiting a stylist can also help you keep a better eye on your hair, giving your early notice when they suspect you may be experiencing hair loss. With products like NuDew, you can get on an early intervention plan that can stop loss and potentially help regrowth in severe cases. Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons, such as stress, starting a new diet, and taking certain medications. When your stylist raises some concerns, be sure to make an appointment with a physician for more assistance.

Doing the right things for your hair is just as important as avoiding the wrong things. These tips can get you pointed in the right direction for creating a happy, healthy head of hair.

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