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Where's my order?

I paid for my order 6 days ago and still no status update on my order. The only info I received was a "no-reply" auto message confirming payment, with absolutely no information regarding status or how I even go about checking on status. Please advise. (The last batch I received was all dried up and wouldn't mix properly. The bottle containing the dried up Hcg was defective and the liquid would not load into the syringe. What a waste.) I've ordered again due to the good reviews I've read but i am beginning to worry that I've wasted more money.
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Ultraburn Shot Dosage

the directions say to use .50 ML but the needle uses units; is 50 units equivalent to .5 ML? thanks First time using shots on my own B
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FSA to pay for HCG

Can I use my FSA to pay for the HCG diet program? Has anyone used there's successfully?
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When do I start the Ultra Burn?

I just purchased and received the Ultra Burn, my last HCG shot was 7/14 and I start phase 3 on Sunday, When do I do my first Ultra Burn shot? after the HCG is out of my system? so the 3rd day?
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I got my packet today with no instructions. How do I find out what dose I am supposed to take?
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Can I use the leftover MIC/B12 in between my HCG injections?

I have 5ml left can I take a bit extra in between my hcg injections? I hate to waste it.
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shipping HCG ?

Question, how long will it take for me to receive HCG if i were to order it this coming week generally ? I live in the Bay Area, California 94010 is my zip code if anyone has any experience ordering HCG to California could you chime in please ? Thanks
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Nu Image Medical Shakes

I bought several packet of the shakes available through NIM. The packets have no labelling. The on line label says there are 14 servings in a packet, the forum describes them as having 110 cals - though it does not specify if this is if you use the entire packet. I also found calories of 50 and 100 posted on the site. This is really important information if I am to use the shakes as part of my 500 cal daily intake - lol! Can you please post this information. Providing a link to the entire information in a readily accessible spot on the site would be really helpful. Thanks.
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Ultra Burn in any phase ?

Is Ultra Burn only for phase 3 , or can you use it in phase 2 along with the mic and b12 combo that is already in my hcg mixture ? Thanks
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Hcg diet plan

I read on the diet plan that no protien shakes are allowed. I assume that is due to mixing them with milk, but what if you mimx them with water? Can you drink them then?
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