when to do a mini steak day?

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November 04, 2014 12:07 PM 

when to do a mini steak day?

Hello, I'm new here, I started HCG for the 2nd time in my life, the first time was a few years back and had great success, I didn't educate myself well enough to learn how to maintain that I gained it all back, here I am again on P2 Day 18, I started off very well, not such a good idea to start before Halloween, my birthday and the holidays fast approaching...but what can I say, I need to get this weight off instead off putting on lots more during the holidays. Well I did very well with the temptations at the Halloween party, I brought my own home made ice tea (so people wouldn't pressure me to drink, I said it had vodka in it), I brought a cup up apple in a baggie...all good and dandy...then my birthday came along yesterday and I knew this was going to be a cheat day, I was nervous and worried but I went for it any ways, they had treats for me at work, dinner and dessert at home, but I didn't really think through about what to do after the cheat day, I woke up this morning with 4 pounds is really hard to take, but I can't dwell I just need to fix it...will a mini steak day fix this?, I did make a point to drink a ton of water yesterday and I'm drinking a ton of water today...I just want to get back on track and put this day behind me...being on the HCG I want a quick fix to my mistake, what do I do? what is the best advise? after loading I weighed 160, before my birthday bash I was at 143.8, I had lost 16.2 pounds in 18 days...I feel like such a set back from the progress I was making, it is REALLY, REALLY hard to just let roll off your shoulder and not be upset and dwell, I am trying. Any advise please and your experiences with something similar.
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