travel and 23 days

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February 25, 2013 04:10 PM 

travel and 23 days

I will receive my box for the 40 day diet but I have to travel from the 23rd to the 30th. I will start phase one this week I believe and by March 1st phase 2. Can I use 1 vial to do injections for 23 days - how then are the phases broken down? and then when I get back from vacation can I start the diet again from phase 1? Otherwise, how do you suggest I carry the injections on the flight and how do I explain what the stuff is if asked? Do I need to have a copy of a prescription from you all? How many days do you actually inject on the 40 day?
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February 25, 2013 04:58 PM 
Hello. You must complete the diet for at least 23 days straight through without interruption or cheating in order for it to be maximum effective. Im not sure what you calling the phases, but phase 1 is the detox phase. Phase 2 is the actual HCG administration portion. I think it best you call our offices to properly guide you. You HCG must be refrigerated once mixed, so the only way to travel with them is by purchasing a diabetic insulin travel kit. It will have to stay in your luggage, NOT carry on. Make sure cooler kit will last as long as your trip requires. You medication will come with your prescription label including your name, etc, just like any regular prescription. You can show them that, and you ID and that should be enough proof. Please check with the TSA guidelines as they are frequently updated, and we do not was to misinform you. One the 43 day program, you inject 40 days. Our guidebook that you should have already received via email explains all the phases, and how to do each on properly. All information is contained within.
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