Starting out program....POINTERS??

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May 30, 2014 11:15 PM 

Starting out program....POINTERS??

I am planning to start the hcg injections tomorrow. I'm excited of the possibilities. I am, and have been for years a non red meat eater, and here recently have shunned chicken. The source of protein I am looking at will be for the most part fish(since beans) are not part of the diet. I'm not opposed to chicken if this is what needed. Ideas or recommendations anyone? I foremost am a carboholic. Anyone else fit this description? Ill take any pointers. Any reason vegetables cannot be combined?(did I overlook) Also I have the Ultra Burn( does it have to be diluted? I didn't see where it did) Confused a bit because of the bariatric water included also. Thanks
Legacy User in HCG Diet Protocol
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