How do you sell prescription HCG on the internet?

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May 03, 2012 09:04 PM 

How do you sell prescription HCG on the internet?

Great Question! tele-health is the future of medicine, and Nu Image Medical is light years ahead of most medical facilities! Through Tele-Consultations via Phone or Video, our doctors have the ability to conduct an extensive examination through the medical history and documents that you provide us electronically. EMR, or Electronic Medical Records are also the future, being mandated by federal agencies as we speak. Through these technologies, we can medically advise and help people throughout the United States without barriers. No longer are services unavailable to people in remote areas, or who do not have specialists (LIKE US!) locally available to them! Our procedure makes it much easier than taking off work, waiting in the doctors office for hours, having to then pick up your medications. You can enjoy our program from the comforts of your home or office without loss of pay or time. SO, we are not actually "selling" drugs, but providing a legal, futuristic approach to medical care and getting the proper medications in your hands. CONVINCED? Join the 10's of thousands who already trust Nu Image Medical! Laugh
Nu Image Medical in HCG Diet Protocol
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