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November 29, 2012 01:59 AM 

Delivery methods

I did HCG last year and loved it but it was with prescription grade troches. They switched the troches from the ones that melt slowly under your tongue, kinds of the consistency of gummy bears, to the quick melt troche drop. I need the gummy bear kind. What type are the ones with NUImage. Gummy bear type or quick melt type. I had gastric bypass done 12 years ago and medications go through my system too fast as parts are abbreviated in my system so the slow dissolve gummy bear type is a must. I tried the quick dissolve with far less success. It is not the quick melt that causes the issue it is my bypass system that does. I know now what works best with this body of mine.
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November 29, 2012 09:46 AM 
HCG cannot be ingested. It will become inactive. If done orally, it can only be done Sublingually (under the tongue). It must dissolve into your mucosa for direct administration, bypassing your digestive system completely. There is no such thing as "gummy bear" hcg or slow dissolve, unless someone has come up with another hcg scam on the market. Our pellets are HCG in it lypholized (freeze dried) form, and dissolve rather quickly once they meet your saliva under your tongue.
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