Beef versus Pork.

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July 07, 2014 05:05 PM 

Beef versus Pork.

I know the original protocol calls for lean beef, chicken, fish, etc. However, when I look at cuts of beef, even the clod steaks have rich marbled veins of fat running through them. The same size cuts of pork have NO visible fat! Researching the history of the meat industry in this nation, I know that about 60 years ago, customers were wanting leaner pork, and beef was not as richly marbled as it is now - you could get a lean steak. It might not be as tender as filet mignon, but it was beefsteak. Then came the "fat is bad, we want low fat food" movement, and farmers began breeding pork that was much leaner. Now, a 280 pound pork can trot around a ring in a 4H show, where the same piggy even a decade ago would be obese and unable to move so well. Because these new pigs are being bred for lean muscle. Granted, the same problem as with cheap beef, with less fat comes less flavor. But can't we use that to our advantage? I can get pork meat that is 96% lean without even searching, but finding 96% lean ground beef is a bit difficult, and finding beef steak that isn't marbled is nearly impossible. I can trim off the exterior fat, but the marbling is in the fibers. Because luxury. (Also, how cattle are fattened for market is an interesting read. Explains how Americans are fat even though they are eating "good fats"!) Dr. Simeon would have seen the fatty pork meat of HIS day, which is why he wouldn't allow it. But now, would he? Or is pork "sugary"? I'm tempted to add some cuts of pork and test my theory, since I can't eat shellfish and dislike most cuts of fish.
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